What is it like to be a mom

What it means to be a mother: changes and clichés summarized

For many couples, having their own child is the greatest lifelong dream. For some it is unimaginable living life without a child. Once a woman is finally pregnant, she has the entire pregnancy time to prepare for motherhood. Still, things often turn out differently than they imagined.

Being a mother involves great changes. In addition to the infinite happiness of having a family, it quickly becomes apparent that this 24-hour job is anything but easy. In this article you will learn what it means to be a mother and the ups and downs associated with it.

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1. Being a mother changes your entire life

Everyday life as a mother is not always as easy as you might have imagined.

Graduating from high school, studying, starting a career - this is the plan for many women nowadays for the near future. They want to work just like men and be able to make a living.

However, treading this path usually takes a long time. However, by the age of 30 at the latest, many women can hear the clock ticking. If children are desired, this must happen within the next few years, as the fertility of women decreases significantly from the age of about 35 years.

However, having children is much more important for many women, so they put their professional future on the back burner for now. Because Nowadays, mothers with children can also go to work without being looked at wrongly.

Many women are aware that being a mother brings many changes. A life with children can turn everyday life upside down. Especially in the early days, the baby needs an incredible amount of love and care, so that there is hardly any time for other things. Instead of going out or spending time with your partner, the baby now has to be swaddled, breastfed or put to bed.

The biggest changes are:

  • Fatigue is a constant companion.
  • The circle of friends changes.
  • There is less togetherness with the partner.
  • Rest and relaxation become foreign words.
  • Order gives way to chaos.
  • Everyday life needs a lot more structure.

In what way Imagination and reality can drift apart, see also in this video:

2. It takes time to get used to the changes

Feelings of motherhood: a question of chemistry?

In a study with mice, scientists found that certain neurotransmitters are responsible for developing feelings of motherhood. In the absence of these, such feelings cannot develop. However, it is questionable whether these results can be transferred to humans.

Once a child is born, a woman is, both medically and legally, the mother of the newborn. However, this fact does not mean that a woman immediately feels like a mom. Because it is not easy to deal with the fact that life turns 180 degrees overnight.

Many mothers feel a great deal of insecurity at the beginning. You feel strange in the role of a mother and do not know whether you are doing everything right. The enormous responsibility for a human being can also be very stressful at the beginning. However, this attitude is far from bad because it means that the Woman is aware of what motherhood means.

So don't feel guilty if your everyday life is too stressful at the beginning and you feel unhappy. Many other mothers feel the same way. It is perfectly natural that you imagined motherhood to be very different. The hormonal chaos after the birth of a child certainly doesn't make it any easier.

There are sure to be moments when you briefly regret making the decision to become a parent. But even these moments are normal and pass quickly.

3. Enjoy the beautiful moments

Keep enjoying shopping tours with your girlfriends.

In difficult times, realize how lucky you are to be able to hold this wonderful child in your arms. Because there are also many positive things associated with being a mother.

Being a mother makes you incredibly strong. You learn to deal with difficult situations and to keep a cool head. Additionally get to know a love that you have never felt this way before. Love for a child is the strongest bond there is in human relationships.

But what does motherhood actually mean? Is this a kind of self-abandonment? Do we only live for our child from now on? No way. The fact that you have to choose between remaining a woman and being a mother is a cliché that persists even today.

Being a mother does not mean that you can no longer dress up and stay with the children all day and take care of the house. Of course, it is possible to remain attractive as a woman despite the birth of a child.

It is therefore important that you take time for yourself despite having a child. For example, ask your grandparents or dear friends to look after your child for a few hours. Use this time to do what you love to do. Meet up with friends, go out with your partner, or treat yourself to relaxation in a spa.

Pursuing your own needs is incredibly important for mothers, too. Only if you don't lose yourself can you be a good mother to your child.

4. Inspirational reading about being a mother

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What it means to be a mother: changes and clichés in a nutshell
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