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Shark Attacks: The World's Most Dangerous Beach

There are beaches that are both beautiful and dangerous. The reason: shark attacks. We'll tell you which is the most dangerous beach in the world and what made it so.

The air shimmers over white sand, not a cloud in the sky and the waves glitter in the light of the sun. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? What should stop you now from plunging into the turquoise blue waters? Sharks! There are beaches that are both beautiful and dangerous. Because in the dream bays of this world not only surfers and sun worshipers stay. Dangerous sharks swim their lanes in the shallow water and wait for the next delicacy. And that could well be an ignorant tourist. Marine biologists see climate change as the reason for the steadily increasing number of attacks. The prey fish swim in warmer waters and thus attract the sharks there. Other hypotheses are based on an increased accumulation of sea lions, overfishing, marine pollution or cage diving. Why sharks actually attack humans is still a great mystery.

Shark attacks: where is the greatest danger?

The question that every vacationer asks is: Where is the greatest danger of being attacked by a shark? For example, is it California or Australia? And if in Australia, then where exactly? After all, Australia is a huge continent. On which beaches do I have to be most careful and what should I do if I want to go into the water despite the risk?

Some of the most dangerous beaches in the world include (see map above):

  1. Hawaii: Most of the shark attacks happen off Maui. There are around 40 different species of shark in the waters around the islands
  2. California: About 2000 great white sharks live off Bolinas Beach, north of San Francisco
  3. Florida: On New Smyrna Beach, the "Shark Capital of the World", there are sometimes three shark attacks a day!
  4. Brazil: Between 1992 and 2011 there were 59 attacks in the state of Pernambuco, 36 percent were fatal. Most of the attacks were on Recife Beach
  5. South Africa: There have been eight deaths from sharks at Second Beach near Port St. Johns since 2007
  6. Reunion Island: Seven people have died from sharks off the west coast since 2011
  7. Western Australia: There were eight deaths on the west coast between 2010 and 2014

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And how is the most dangerous beach in the world identified?

There are now two ways to find out which is the most dangerous beach in the world when it comes to shark attacks:
  1. You compare the total number of attacks on different beaches and choose the beach with the most shark attacks as the most dangerous.
  2. You look for the beach with the most fatal attacks on people or the beach where swimmers and surfers have suffered the most serious injuries and choose this beach as the most dangerous in the world - you recognize the dilemma?
For example, is a beach on which there have been seven shark attacks on humans in one year classified as dangerous? Definitely yes. But what if an investigation shows that all of the attacks resulted in only minor injuries to the water sports enthusiasts? In such a case, wouldn't another beach be more dangerous, where there have been “only” six attacks in five years, but all of them had a fatal outcome for the victim?