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Facts and figures - YouTube usage in Germany

In the last ten years, YouTube was able to assert itself alongside many other platforms and, with around 81% (2016) of the market share of unique users, holds a large gap to its competitors such as Dailymotion with 4.5% of the market share.

According to the ARD / ZDF online study 2019 (Germans aged 14 and over), the use of free video portals is increasing: 40% of the population use YouTube at least once a week. Use is most widespread among adolescents and young adults (age range 14-29 years) - here it is 82% who use YouTube at least once a week. The video portals are most frequently used via smartphones (54%).

The JIM study 2018 asked 12 to 19-year-olds about their media usage: YouTube continues to occupy 1st place as the most popular online offer (mention of the 3 most popular Internet offers). YouTube is also the most popular platform for video content: 90 percent of young people (2017: 88%) use YouTube at least several times a week (girls: 87%, boys: 93%), of which 64 percent use it daily (girls: 53%, boys: 73%) %). For the group of 12 to 19 year olds, too, YouTube is mainly used on mobile devices (smartphone: 89%).
If you ask them about the most important app, YouTube ranks third after WhatsApp and Instagram, with the YouTube app having more male than female fans.
Only 1% of the young people surveyed regularly put videos on YouTube themselves, 92% never do this. The channels most popular with young people include Julien Bam, BibisBeautyPalace, LeFloid and GermanLetsPlay.

The most popular genres (use of YouTube: at least rarely) according to the JIM study 2018 are:

  • Music videos with 54 percent regular use,
  • humorous contributions such as funny clips (41%) or comedy by YouTubers (34.5%) are more likely to be viewed by boys,
  • Let Plays Play videos (31%), in which you can watch others playing and commenting on digital games, are particularly popular with boys,
  • With 23.5%, videos in which YouTubers talk about their everyday lives are evenly watched by both sexes

With 93 percent, almost all young people have already noticed an advertising product presentation on YouTubers. One in five states that they have bought a certain product afterwards. (JIM study 2018)

YouTube: use by 12 to 19 year olds in 2018

Motives for and type of use of YouTube

In general, according to a study by IP-Deutschland GmbH, the most important reasons for using online portals are fun and entertainment with 66%, information gathering with 50%, relaxation with 49% and contact with friends (mutual video exchange) with 53%.

YouTube is also a social platform for young users on which they can comment, rate and subscribe to their favorite videos and favorite channels, share them with their friends and talk about what they have seen.

If you follow the 90-9-1 principle that has taken up with regard to YouTube, 90% of YouTube users are always only silent observers of the uploaded videos, 9% of users are actors who comment, among other things and evaluate. Only 1% are active as "producers" of videos themselves.

This rule can also be applied to individual videos. In this context, 90% are only viewers and do not contribute to the interaction, 9% like the videos or share them in other social networks, while only 1% actively contribute to the community and write comments. Even if the results partly deviate from the principle, the majority of the samples confirm the ratio of 90% to 9% to 1%.

69% of users (study by IP-Deutschland GmbH) see the possibility of using YouTube at any time as one of the greatest advantages of the platform. While traditional television sets specific times and locations, YouTube clips can be accessed anywhere and without being time-bound via the Internet. But which clips do young users watch there and which content is particularly interesting for them?