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Laws and norms

The EU energy efficiency directive

The EU energy efficiency directive is implemented in Austria through the federal energy efficiency package, which includes the Federal Energy Efficiency Act (EEffG).

According to the Federal Energy Efficiency Act, there are obligations for:

  1. large companies (definition> 249 employees and annual turnover> 50 million euros or total assets> 43 million euros)
  2. Energy suppliers
  3. the covenant

Commitments in detail

  • Energy suppliers are required in the Federal EEffG to provide evidence of energy efficiency measures that correspond to at least 0.6% of their energy sales to their end customers in Austria. These in turn give their customers (e.g. large companies) the opportunity to avert the associated electricity price surcharge by implementing planned energy efficiency measures.
  • For large companies According to the Federal EEffG, there are three obligations:

    1. Two options are available
    a. four-year implementation ofexternal energy audits
    b. Introduction of acertified energy management, environmental management or an equivalent state-recognized management system, with regular internal or external energy audits

    2. Continuous documentation of the management system and energy audits

    3. Immediate notification of the introduction of a management system or the implementation of the energy audit to the energy efficiency monitoring body.

    Energy efficiency measures developed by large companies must be validated by the monitoring body (method evaluation). If the own relevant measures for the energy supplier are not achieved, these can also be acquired by external companies through trade in measures.
  • SMEs are excluded from the EEffG and are therefore not obliged to implement measures, but can make these available in the event of an evaluation via the trade in measures (Handelsblattformen).

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