What is spatial expansion

Spatial expansion of networks

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Computer network

A computer network is the combination of different, independently working electronic systems (including computers) with the aim of mutual communication. Various protocols (rules) are required for communication, and depending on the extent of the network, it is assigned to a certain category.


A LAN (local area network) is a network whose range is limited to a few kilometers. As a rule, the network is stretched over a small number of buildings in a closed area. For example, all computers in the school are connected to one another in a LAN. LANs are also often found in colleges, universities and companies, possibly even in-house.


A MAN (metropolitan area network) covers a larger area than the LAN. Areas of a city or even entire cities can form a MAN. This is often a fiber optic network. In Germany, the big metropolises have a MAN. A typical application of the MAN is cable television.

MAN (source: http://www.dicofr.com/def2/image/man.gif)


A WAN (wide area network) reaches sizes that encompass countries or even continents. Several WANs can be connected to form a GAN (global area network). The Internet is z. B. a GAN.

WAN (source: http://www.dicofr.com/def2/image/wan.gif)