Why is World Bicycle Day celebrated

Bicycle Day - June 03, 2021 - World Bicycle Day

Bicycle Day or European Bicycle Day is traditionally celebrated on June 3rd in some European countries. Bicycle Day has been held annually since 1998; it was introduced to draw attention to the increasing pollution caused by automobile traffic and to bring the bicycle more into the focus of daily use.

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Attention to the two-wheeler

The day of June 3rd is traditionally used by bicycle associations to point out the increasing pollution in road traffic even today. The day is properly celebrated on two-wheelers with rides and trips to the stars and is intended to promote awareness of the most environmentally friendly means of transport and bring it to the fore. More people should cycle to work.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Bicycle Day is also World Bicycle Day. Since 2018, brand new, it has been a UN day with the same goals: Strengthening awareness of an economical, healthy and ecological method of transport that is sustainable for the environment. Basically, it remains to be said that every bicycle in road traffic should also comply with the country-specific rules; in Germany you should only take part in road traffic with a roadworthy bicycle. The importance of the bicycle is also becoming more and more important in public safety, as we were able to find out in an interview with the bicycle police.

Convey awareness all year round

Even if June 3rd is the day of the bike, there are now many events that point out the changed traffic conditions all year round on a monthly basis. The Critical Mass is, for example, a group of cyclists organized throughout Germany who demonstrate once a month by means of a bicycle convoy in major German cities. Depending on the city, thousands of two-wheeled friends come together at these demonstrations.

The current Corona time shows how much the bike is in focus. Sales are increasing, cities and districts are setting up “Pop-Up Bike Lines” to create more space for bicycles. The StVO amendment gives cyclists more opportunities to claim their rights, the minimum distance when overtaking was set at 1.5 meters in 2020.

The bike and everyday life

The increasing sales of e-bikes, but also the purchase of a classic bicycle, clearly shows that more and more people are opening up to the awareness of cycling. In addition to the question of "which bike is right for me", safety is also an important point. Unfortunately, as the number of cars participating in road traffic increases, so do the dangers and bicycle accidents. The question of whether a bicycle helmet, yes or no, divides opinions, but out of a false vanity, the helmet should not be left out.

The rise of high quality bicycles is increasing

More bicycles in everyday life also means more interest from thieves. Sales of higher quality bicycles are increasing. These can quickly get into the sights of bicycle thieves and should be secured accordingly with a high-quality bicycle lock. If the bike is gone anyway, the only thing that will help is the bike insurance that has hopefully been concluded beforehand. Otherwise, especially if the bike was financed, you are left with the costs that are still being incurred.

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