What are some cricketer success stories

How the Indian Premier League is revolutionizing the Indian sports world

In Germany, cricket ekes out a shadowy existence. Hardly any other sport in the world has such a long tradition. In countries like India, Australia or Pakistan, cricket is a national cultural asset. The most exciting project in sport is without a doubt the Indian Premier League (IPL). You can read here why the IPL not only influenced sport, but also India as a sporting nation.

Since its debut in 2008, the Indian Premier League developed rapidly. In essence, the IPL has the Twenty20- Established version of cricket and supported India's development into a leading sports nation. Many even claim that the Indian Premier League revolutionized the sport in India.

Unlike in Europe, for example, sports leagues are a new phenomenon in India. Meanwhile, cricket, soccer or hockey teams play in different leagues. How did that happen?

The first sports league in India was not the aforementioned IPL. In 2007, Zee Entertainment founded the private cricket league ICL. Between 2007 and 2009, the ICL also played in the modern Twenty20 mode. The league ultimately failed due to the lack of recognition on the part of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

However, the BCCI took up the basic idea, which led to the establishment of the IPL in 2008. The aim was to motivate cricket stars to take part in domestic tournaments away from the national team. The competition doesn't even last two months. The 10th edition of the league took place from April 5th to May 21st.

Indian Premier League: Cricket + Bollywood

In contrast to sports like football, there is no league system in which teams can be promoted or relegated at the end of the season. Every year the league starts anew. Therefore, before each season, the players are drawn from the individual franchises in the "IPL auction" auctioned. Before the first season, a special auction took place in 2008, at which almost all of the world's best and most famous cricketers were available for selection.

Despite various adversities, the Indian Premier League is now considered a success. The popular Twenty20 format is combined with an extensive range of entertainment. Since the games have been played in the evening, they have automatically attracted more spectators than before.

The IPL came to an agreement for the first ten seasons Sony Entertainment on the TV broadcast. The games were therefore available to a large number of people. What is striking is the high number of female fans (35 percent) that has developed over the years. Involving more popular Bollywood-Stars like Sah Rukh Khan as brand ambassadors or club owners contribute enormously to the popularity of the league.

The number of viewers at the IPL has grown exponentially. 2016 reached the league loudly EY362 million people. This corresponds to an increase of approx. 250 percent compared to the opening season, 88 percent compared to the previous season. The BCCI now earns $ 600 million annually from the IPL.

Rupert Murdoch and Star India paid $ 2.55 billion for global media rights to the IPL in September. The deal is for five years and includes both TV and digital rights. With the latter, Star India was even able to outperform Facebook. The tech giant offered loud CNBC$ 600 million for the 2018-2022 period.

As of 2016, the IPL was able to collect 20.1 million social media followers.

IPL affects the Indian sports world

One of the most exciting success stories is the high proportion of female viewers (40 percent). In addition, the 40 percent growth in viewers in rural regions since 2008 is remarkable.

But the IPL has not only had a positive impact on the sport of cricket. Several more sports leagues have emerged in India in recent years. A total of eight new leagues are planned between 2016 and 2020, including boxing, sailing, poker and eSports. In addition to cricket, two sports leagues have recently made a name for themselves.

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The Indian Soccer League (ISL) became the football league with the fourth highest number of spectators in the world in 2014. The season finale was watched by 41 million people, up 41 percent compared to the previous season. The entire season was followed by 216 million people. Title sponsor HeroMoto Corp. will pay the ISL $ 25 million over the next three years.

Another sport that has become hugely established is Kabaddi. Kabaddi is an ancient sport from South Asia in which teams take turns trying to remove players from the opposing human chain. There is only one thing they are not allowed to do: take a breath.

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) was founded in 2014. The sport grew in 2016 thanks to two editions of the PKL and the men's World Cup. Viewership has doubled over the past four seasons. The PKL is roughly on a par with the Indian Soccer League.