Is it love or something else

ARE - Something to do with love

Almost by chance, the Berlin group SIND became the most interesting new German rock band. The debut album “Irgendwas mit Liebe”, which will be released on April 20, 2018, tells of a tremendous thirst for life, the search for love and a great friendship. A new music video will be released with the single of the same name.

In the beginning there was friendship. No planning, no concept, no “project”, but: friendship. All the rest, i.e. the early concerts, the first notable successes with the song “Deine Magie” and this simply great “Alpina Weiss” iPhone video, the EP, and then the production of the SIND debut album with the picture book producer Zebo Adam: it all came much later. It is very important to adhere to the correct order, because one would not have been possible without the other. And yes, that sounds a bit old-fashioned, but also pretty nice.

We'll explain that now: Hannes, Arne and Max - last names don't matter here - went to school together. The guitarists Hannes and Max were already making music together back then, and singer Arne will join them at some point. They spend their time in the so-called Berliner Kreativdorf Holzmarkt and there in the former Club Kater Blau, where they work, celebrate and rehearse - and get to know the drummer Ludwig. Who, in turn, brings Mathias with him. Mathias is actually a guitarist, but SIND already has guitarists, so he plays bass. At that time, rehearsals took place in Kater Blau's club toilet. Who should happen to be there: The name SIND has been carved into the ground to this day.

“For us it was like a kind of youth club,” Arne remembers the early days. "We played badminton there, celebrated parties, took everything apart - and somehow managed to clean up again by the next morning." During the day, the rooms were used by an internet agency. For SIND, the rehearsal room was a home, a living space. And you can still hear that mistakenly in music today. So you have to know this background, because it explains the basis of this band better than anything else - and thus also their sound. Otherwise you might wonder how these five guys got into a band in the first place.

SIND financed their first album themselves, with a lot of support from their huge circle of friends and supporters. They produced it in Vienna and Berlin together with Zebo Adam, who otherwise works with the Austrians from Bilderbuch, among others. “We actually expected that he would mess around with the stuff a lot more, bring in more sound,” says Hannes. "But he encouraged us to leave things more or less as we wrote them."

A very good decision: “Something with love” creeps up on you inconspicuously and slowly conquers you until you can’t get these songs out of your head. Nothing about this music is intrusive, but with these Smiths-like, shimmering melancholy guitars, the melodically playful bass, the stoic drums and Arne's hoarse chanting that alternates between wondrous exhaustion of life, rebellion and euphoria, SIND pulls you into a maelstrom that you don't quickly wants to escape more.

ARE - Anything with love
Release: April 20th, 2018

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