What is outdoor gardening

10 reasons to have your own garden

There are many reasons to have your own garden. It is a feel-good paradise and green oasis, keeps you fit and offers space for numerous leisure activities. These are 10 garden benefits.

Many people dream of having a house with their own garden. But many city dwellers also rent or buy allotments in order to create their own little realm in the open air. Especially in spring and summer, many people spend their evening or weekend in their own garden. Here you can relax and leave everyday life behind. There are many garden benefits.

1. Retreat

The next park is too far away and there is no other piece of nature in sight? With a own garden you have nature right on your doorstep. Here you can relax. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and do it yourself cozy. Listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the peace and quiet.

2. Own fruits and vegetables

In your garden you can plant exactly the fruits and vegetables that you like. Tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, strawberries and much more can grow here without any chemicals.

3. Comfortable sunbathing

A garden is a sun worshiper’s dream. Here you can tan in peace. The Vitamin D The sun's rays not only lift the mood, but also strengthen yours immune system.

4. Good for your health

There are also many garden benefits that are good for your health. In the garden you are always at the fresh air. You can easily declare war on headaches and tiredness with a short break outdoors. Even in old age regular exercise be very healthy in your own garden. The fresh air also ensures that you can sleep better at night.

5. Gardening makes you fit

Gardening is physical work and keeps you fit. Your effective full body training in the garden consists of digging, weeding and planting. Burn for example 60 minutes Harvest fruit 190 to 230 calories. That's about the same as if you jog for half an hour. But always listen to the signals from your body in order to avoid bad posture or one-sided stress.

6. Barbecue and eat outside

With a garden, designated barbecue areas are a thing of the past. Here you can grill whenever you feel like it. In addition to steak or other meat, you can also put your home-grown vegetables on the grill.

If that's not enough for you, you can also get one BBQ party organize. Family and friends are happy to be invited guests, not only on birthdays and family celebrations. Of course, it doesn't have to stop with grilling, with your own garden you can move every meal outside, if the temperatures and the weather allow it.

7. Insect paradise

Your garden provides food and habitat for many insects. You can listen to the goings-on and watch the insects at work.

8th place to camp

Camping in your own garden is great. Your children are especially happy about this. You will love this little adventure right on your doorstep.

9. Your own pool

Who has not wanted their own pool when they were desperately looking for a place on the lawn in the outdoor pool. A garden offers you enough space to easily fulfill your dream of having your own pool. It doesn't even have to be a brick pool, just a pool that can be set up makes the heart of every garden owner beat faster.

10. Enough space to run around

A garden is especially great for families with children, but also for pets. Here your children have enough space to let off steam while playing. Catching, digging, digging or jumping on the trampoline - the possibilities for activities in your own garden are endless.

The garden advantages are manifold. If you have a Rent a garden, you should Specifications of the landlord note. As long as you keep the rest times and do not make any major changes to the garden, nothing stands in the way of your oasis of well-being. With the right garden furniture and some decoration, you can create your own personal retreat.

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