How can I make money with WiFi

Make money with WiFi services

The distributor Swizzconnexx invited specialist dealers to its technology breakfast this week. A good 30 specialist dealers and representatives from the industry found their way into the hall of the Hotel Ochsen in Lenzburg, including Jean-Claude Jolliet, Director Sales & Marketing at Devolo Switzerland, and Giancarlo Palmisani, Head of Association Services and Marketing at Swico.

Loop 21 was in the spotlight of yesterday's event. The Austrian software manufacturer offers so-called on-top services, services that are offered via an existing WLAN network. These services open up new possibilities for WLAN providers, for example hotels or even cities, to maintain a high-quality network and at least partially recoup the costs via additional services.

The possibilities are almost limitless

Thomas Halak, Director Sales at Loop 21, explained what can be done with it. Halak named hotels as one of several examples. Their guests usually expect WiFi, the use of which should be included in the room price. The pressure on the network infrastructure is increasing, for example due to the increase in devices per guest. However, expanding the network costs. This is where Loop 21 ties in. Loop 21 offers a hospitality solution via the cloud, through which the guest can access the hotel's WiFi network. The hoteliers can insert offers in the input mask, for example 50 percent off the spa offer or an exclusive offer for a dinner.

There are numerous small hotels in Switzerland for which an expensive WLAN would hardly pay off. For this customer group, Swizzconnexx also offers a self-developed solution based on technology from Powerline specialist Devolo, as Freddy Bader, Head of Marketing & Sales at Swizzconnexx said.

Museums would be another case. These could save the audio guide and display information about exhibits in a room on a visitor's smartphone. In addition, they could offer souvenirs or books on the subject, which interested parties could reserve and pick up and pay for when they leave the museum, nicely packaged in the carrier bag. These cross-selling opportunities in particular are an opportunity, emphasized Halak, also for specialist retailers. Because the argument of additional business over the existing infrastructure sounds tempting. In addition, there may then be the opportunity to expand the customer's network as well.

Gateway at the customer, cloud at Loop 21

The Loop 21 solutions are based on two pillars, Loop 21 Hotspot and Loop 21 WLAN Entertainer. Integrators can install a Loop 21 gateway at the customer's premises for the hotspot. The gateway is available in different versions and capacities, for example as a desktop or for the 19-inch rack. With the gateway, the hotelier can offer his guest web access.

The gateway also paves the way to the Loop 21 cloud, which provides the entertainer's services. The entertainer displays the service offer on his guest's device. He can adapt the surface individually to the needs of the customer. A hotel will have different requirements and ideas than a museum or even a city or a ski area.

This means that a solution from Loop 21 is always linked to a project business. Specialist dealers can initiate the projects with their customers alone. Loop 21 offers support through on-site advice.

Loop 21 charges a one-time set-up fee and rental for its cloud service. In return, the customer receives regular updates, for example to adapt the services to new devices from the manufacturer.

Subject aroused interest

The Loop 21 business model seemed to generate a lot of interest. Despite the high information density of Halak's lecture, the visitors asked many questions. How high is the degree of standardization of the solution or how it can be guaranteed that guests always return to the landing page.

Swizzconnexx will host the next technology breakfast on December 4th. The distributor wants to announce the topic. In January, Devolo is expected to give a lecture on the possibilities of powerline technology.