What is jQuery? Expand in jQuery

jQuery tutorial: Basics of selectors, syntax and Co.

jQuery considerably simplifies programming with the dynamic scripting language JavaScript. The entire jQuery library consists of a single JavaScript filewhich contains the basic DOM, Ajax, Event and Effect functions. The library thus represents an extensive collection of program parts with the help of which the elements of web projects can be edited. For example, you can select objects and change their appearance (color, position, etc.), which can in principle also be done with JavaScript, but is much more complex to implement.

Furthermore, with jQuery you can react even more specifically to the actions of your users - thanks event-driven programming of the page elements. The users trigger previously defined events with the mouse pointer or by entering text and are presented with the respective content or animations. Also graphic effects such as text overlays etc. are inserted quickly and with just a single line of code. In addition, jQuery simplifies working with Ajax. The library optimizes the technology that reloads current page content in the background, especially in that it has a cross-browser interface. With their help, Ajax technology can be quickly used and set up for a wide variety of browsers - even outdated browser versions are covered. As a general rule jQuery closes various gaps between the JavaScript implementations the individual browser.