How is everything going here?

This brochure is also available as a PDF.

This brochure is a collection of articles on the complex of existing social housing in Berlin. It is related to the event organized by Kotti & Co (The tenants' community at Kottbusser Tor) and the berliner alliance and supported by the Rent Policy Dossier group. Nothing is going right here - conference on social housing in Berlin ”, which took place in November 2012 in the Berlin House of Representatives.
The brochure is aimed at tenants, specialist politicians, journalists, housing associations and cooperatives, foundations, etc., as well as the interested public. It helps to find sustainable social, housing and budgetary solutions for social housing in existing buildings.
Imprint: Berlin 2014 • This brochure builds on the conference on social housing in Berlin on November 13, 2012 “Nothing is going right here” • Published by the tenants' association Kotti & Co, the berliner bündnis and the Self University eV • Editor: Ulrike Hamann, Sandy Kaltenborn • Design: • Photos: Kotti & Co; Christian Ditsch; Weichselplatz; Kai Horstmann; Flickr VXLA • We thank all authors, supporters and supporters for criticism and encouragement • We also thank the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment for their kind support.
At this point, we refer to our video and audio documentation of the conference, as well as the first - still worth reading - brochure.