What is Splunk's mobile strategy


Data - everywhere. SplunkĀ® offers the leading platform for operational intelligence. With Splunk, interested parties can take a closer look at what others are ignoring, namely machine data, and thus gain insights that remain hidden to others: They gain insights that make your company more productive, profitable, more competitive and more secure. What can i do with Splunk?

Splunk - making machine data accessible, usable and more valuable.

Splunk is a leading global platform solution for operational intelligence. Splunk opens up the possibility for companies to gain new knowledge and insights based on their own data in order to act even more profitably and competitively. This is made possible by intelligent management of the machine data generated by the company based on devices, logs, apps, business solutions and data traffic.

Splunk Enterprise - See the forest and trees

By monitoring and analyzing customer activities on company websites and portals via security events or network activities, Splunk Enterprise can extract valuable information from this machine-generated data. Equipped with a powerful search, various visualization options and ready-made content for different use cases, every user is able to gain new knowledge and insights and share them with other users.

  • Collection and indexing of log files and machine data from any data source
  • Powerful search, analysis and visualization capabilities are available to a wide variety of users
  • Applications provide solutions for security, IT operations, business analyzes and more
  • Enables transparency across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Provides a fixed framework, the required security and availability suitable for every organization
  • Possible as an on-premise installation or as a SaaS solution

Splunk is able to read and index all raw and machine data, regardless of the data source. Splunk can also combine the machine data with the data from the existing relational databases, data warehouses and non-SQL data stores. The basis for a proper analysis of hundreds of terabytes per day is a high availability and scalability tailored to the individual company requirements. The possibility of cluster operation over several locations, automatic load balancing and highly optimized response times round off this picture.

The open Splunk development platform makes it easy to meet a wide variety of requirements and customize Splunk Enterprise accordingly. Developers can customize Splunk applications or integrate Splunk data into other applications via the Splunk REST API or SDKs for JavaScript, JSON, Java, Python, Ruby and PHP. The customized applications and the applications available in the Splunk application library can contribute enormously to drawing additional added value from Splunk Enterprise and thus becoming more competitive. Applications from Splunk, Splunk partners or the community extend and improve the performance of the Splunk platform. Whether the collection of data or its analysis is to be improved or whether even more powerful functions are made available to users - hundreds of applications in the Splunk base enable new approaches and improvements to the current environment.

The easy integration of Splunk Enterprise makes it possible to import knowledge gained from reports or data into any other application. This closes the circle of company-wide operational intelligence based on Splunk Enterprise. Last but not least, a well-engineered security concept ensures secure data exchange between all systems and applications, rounded off by a possible LDAP integration, single sign-on and auditability. In addition, every transaction is authenticated, regardless of whether it is via the web, mobile interfaces, command line or Splunk Enterprise API.

Import your raw data into Splunk Enterprise and start analyzing your company in a new way.

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