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Cleverly manage your accounts and contracts in one app. So that you have more time for what is important to you.

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Goes perfectly with your accounts.

Securely link your bank account with the financial guru. Whether a single or multiple accounts - with the Finanzguru you always have full control. No matter which bank you are with.

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A number you can rely on.

Based on your income and expenses, the financial guru calculates your disposable income in real time. In doing so, it even takes into account the upcoming bookings from your contractual partners. This gives you a single number that tells you everything you need to know.

The future for your bank bookings.

The financial guru predicts upcoming bookings based on your contracts and shows you not only your account balance for today, but also for tomorrow or in a week. That means no more nasty surprises.

Always keep an eye on your contracts. Fully automatic.

Based on your bank postings, the financial guru automatically recognizes your contracts and creates your personal contract folder. With the contract alarm clock you will never miss a notice period again. And if you wish, the financial guru can terminate the contract for you legally and free of charge. Without having to lift a finger.

Helpful analysis of your expenses.

Keep full control of your money at all times with the analysis tab. With the help of smart trends, you can immediately see how you can optimize your spending behavior.

An app for best friends

I downloaded it and found out that I've been paying two travel health insurances for years ... immediately canceled one with a click - brilliant - I would have paid something for this one second effort, otherwise it would have taken me an hour to find the contract, etc.


Great app! You have a very good overview of the finances and have everything in view here. Perfect.

Bastian Graber

Through the app, I realized that I had insurance twice because the broker made a mistake. Now I have had one of the two contracts canceled and saved almost € 300. Great, thank you!


Very nice overview of the finances. If you have any problems or questions, the developers will help you quickly via WhatsApp! Super

A Google user

This app is the perfect replacement for the DiBa app. The contract management is great. So you have everything at a glance and you can even cancel contracts using this app. The account development (plan account balance) is also well done. Definitely 5 stars.

Pierre Junck

The app gives you a great financial overview. The termination assistant works well. The app is really recommendable.

Thomas R005

I was looking for an app in which I can see all of my accounts. With this app I found you, even more the sorting and the individual settings are a positive extra.

Rob hard

I'm really pleased. Absolutely clear and intuitive to use. So I have everything in view and can plan my expenses better.

Antonia W.

This app really creates a very good overview of my finances and current contracts with little effort. Very good!

A Google user

I'm excited. Super uncomplicated and you have everything important at a glance and save yourself the question of how much money you now have after deducting x and y. It definitely makes my everyday life easier, just very practical.


Through the app, I realized that I had insurance twice because the broker made a mistake. Now I have had one of the two contracts canceled and saved almost € 300. Great, thank you!


As a trained banker, I am mega enthusiastic about this app. It is a MUST HAVE for everyone. Think a great protection against over-indebtedness of young adults. A manual household book is now obsolete thanks to this really great app!

kitty small

The app is great. All contracts recognized so far. Categories with a logo look very nice. Super fast support via email and WhatsApp. Keep it up.

Chris Stockmann

The app does exactly what I was hoping for. With it I can see my account balances, track recurring transfers and other things. I'm very satisfied.

Gisela Pick

This is the first app that keeps an eye on my expenses WITHOUT having to type everything in individually. So I always know immediately how much I can still spend. I'm excited. Even several banks are displayed together without any errors.

Michelle I

This app just keeps getting better with every update. It is also praiseworthy that users respond to ideas and implement meaningful ideas

A Google user

After extensive testing, I can only recommend this app - the name says it all! I hope the developers stay true to their line. I would also like to briefly mention the fast and friendly support.

Michael Mangold

Thank you for developing this app. I've always had problems keeping track of my finances. I hope that changes now. The features of this app actually make up for my deficit. thank you thank you thank you

Verena Lenz

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The smartest financial assistant ever.

Your finances should take care of themselves. That's why we're building the smartest financial assistant of all time with the financial guru. He gives you full control over your finances and accompanies you safely and reliably. So that you have more time for what is important to you.

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Based on the contract optimizations.

The protection of your data is our top priority.

We work according to German bank security and data protection standards. You remain anonymous at all times. Nobody but you has access to your bank details and only you can see them.

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