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In the module handbook itself, you can find out about many options for structuring the focus. All relevant events are listed there for each possible focus. In order to find out which events are interesting, descriptions on the faculty homepage, on the institute websites, participation in institute tours and a test visit to the lecture are useful. You can only choose a focus once, so in a consecutive master’s degree you have to choose a different focus than the one you previously took in your bachelor’s degree.

Studies are managed in HIS-POS:

You use the electronic focus planner in the mach portal [1]. You can find the exact description of the choice of focus in our download area [2].

[1] https://www-2.mach.kit.edu/srmach/srmach.php
[2] /sites/default/files/downloads/SP_07_2018.pdf

Studies are managed in campus:

You can choose your planned priorities directly in the campus management system [3]. To do this, click on the signpost symbol, select the focus and then individual lectures. You don't have to choose all of the major subjects right away.
You can also register for exams in the main focus via the campus system.

Unscheduled focal points still have to be approved by the person responsible for the focal point. You can obtain the form for this from the examination board [4]. You first need the lecturer's signature, then you hand in the form to the PA, who enters the subjects. You can then register for the exams online as normal.

[3] https://campus.studium.kit.edu/
[4] https://www.mach.kit.edu/PA.php