What is the purpose of milk pasteurization

Pasteurize raw milk

Pour your customers pure milk! The robust compact pasteurizer gently heats raw milk and pasteurizes it reliably and safely. Thanks to its compact, space-saving design and simple operation, the KompaktPasteur is ideally suited for every dairy farm.

Pasteurize milk yourself - the strong partner for direct marketing

The type-tested compact pasteurizer opens up new sales prospects in direct marketing: With the practical milk pasteurizer, you can make your milk more durable - Quite simply at the push of a button. The Pasteurization is fully automated, from heating the raw milk to the final rinsing with water. So you can easily expand your product range to include sterilized milk!

Pasteurized milk in next to no time - fast, gentle, flexible in terms of quantity

Pasteurize raw milk in seconds: The KompaktPasteur heats the raw milk for 20 seconds and then cools it down again. Thanks to the effective, integrated heat recovery is a low energy consumption guaranteed. The precise temperature control reliably prevents the milk from overheating - This way the good, natural taste of the milk is preserved!

The KompaktPasteur is flexible in terms of quantity and therefore suitable for every company size: Pasteurization can already be carried out with 10 liters, with maximum workload the hard-working milk pasteurizer can pasteurize 1,500 liters of raw milk a day!

Hygienically pure pasteurized milk: the compact pasteurizer can be easily cleaned at the push of a button.

The advantages of the compact pasteurizer at a glance:

  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • Easy to use thanks to fully automatic pasteurization
  • Preservation of the natural milk taste
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy cleaning at the push of a button
  • Thanks to the great flexibility in terms of quantities, it is suitable for any company size
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