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Five free graphics programs

Anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the world of graphic design, digital illustration or image processing is faced with a large selection of options and programs that make their work easier. For example, the Adobe Suite is undoubtedly an excellent choice for professional graphic designers. Be it Photoshop for image processing or digital design, Illustrator for vector graphics or Lightroom for post-production - the software package from Adobe is one of the most popular paid solutions among graphic designers, illustrators and photographers.

However, it is not an option for everyone to pay a monthly subscription for one or more of the programs from Adobe Creative Cloud, especially if you are just starting out and want to gain experience with the programs at the beginning of your design career or just want a free program is looking for very specific projects. The internet holds a great variety free graphics programs ready. You have to choose carefully between the free solutions in order not to waste time and to get familiar with the programs.

That is why we are presenting you with a selection of five useful and free graphics programs for your projects. Next to the name of the program you will find the link for the download and the supported platforms and operating systems.

1 - Gravit Designer - for download or for the online version

Platforms: Online (browser), Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS

The Gravit Designer, previously known as Gravit, is a full-fledged vector graphic design software that is suitable for various projects; from icon design to presentations, illustrations and animations. After opening the program, the first thing you can do is choose the size of the workspace and choose between predefined formats such as blog cover, Facebook cover or graphics that perfectly fill the display of an iPhone X. So the program is obviously up to date.

The user interface is clear and intuitive and offers some interesting tools that allow the creation of complex non-destructive vector graphics as well as including diagrams. The tools include, for example, the drawing pen, the cutter knife or the cutting. In addition, simple shapes can be created that are automatically completed by the system, but also vector shapes by combining different objects.

Gravit Design is one of the most versatile Online graphics programsthat is suitable for both beginners and experienced graphic artists. At the end the file can be exported as PDF, SVG or bitmap and thanks to the additional Gravit Cloud Service you can access your projects from anywhere.

2 - Inkscape - for download

Platforms: Windows PC, Linux, Mac

Inkscape is allowed on the list of Vector graphics programs not missing. It's extremely versatile and comprehensive, and is widely recognized as one of the best free, open source alternatives to Illustrator. While the focus of the program is on the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format, many other formats can also be imported and exported. It also offers maximum compatibility with various proprietary formats (especially AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG, GIF and PNG).

Even if it doesn't have tons of features like Illustrator (like external plug-ins and filters), Inkscape still serves its purpose. It offers basic functions such as creating and editing complex shapes, working on different layers, editing texts and importing raster images, and creating GIF animations. Numerous tutorials have been made available by both the developers themselves and the large Inkscape community to help you become familiar with the program.

The main limitation of Inkscape is that you cannot work in CMYK (fundamental for creating print projects), but only in RGB color mode (usually for web content). Most likely, the support of the CMYK color mode will be introduced in one of the future updates. Until then, you can finish your design in Inkscape and then import it into Scribus (another free program that supports CMYK) as described in this tutorial. It's a bit of a hassle, but that's the price you have to pay for the programs to be free.

3 - Krita - for download

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux

Krita is a very versatile digital graphics program whose development began in 1999. It is particularly aimed at artists in the fields of concept art, texture and matte painting as well as illustrators and comic artists. The program already offers a range of brushes for the various projects and styles, but there are also plug-ins for advanced filters and guides to make life easier for artists.

But the program offers even more options, such as the brush stabilizer, which allows you to draw soft lines even with shaky hands, the easy creation of patterns and textures and a pop-up color palette, thanks to which you can quickly find the right color for your current Project can choose. It's true that Krita supports the CMYK color mode in addition to RGB, but it also has some advanced features that are rarely found in free online graphics programs, such as designing in HDR.

4 - Pixlr - downloadable for iOS - downloadable for Android

Platforms: Android, iOS

This photo editing app is available for both Android devices and iPhone. It's free (but has ads for it) and has over 600 filters that you can apply to your pictures or photos you have just taken. Alternatively, you can add borders and stickers, create photo collages and then share them, or even use filters in real time while you take a photo with your smartphone. The app is extremely user-friendly. After it has started, you can choose whether you want to take a photo (and then edit it), edit a previously saved photo, or create a collage. This may not be a very sophisticated graphics program, but it is a handy tool for editing photos and images on mobile devices.

5 - GIMP - for download

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

When it comes to free graphics programs, it is also important to mention GIMP, one of the most widely used Alternatives to Photoshop. The short form stands for the full name of the program "GNU Image Manipulation Program", which was initially aimed at Unix systems. The GIMP's user interface differs from Photoshop in several areas, although there is a version that mimics the design of the program from Adobe. GIMP offers a wide variety of tools for drawing, coloring, and editing photos and images, is easily compatible with various formats, and has a built-in file manager (similar to Adobe Bridge) that is particularly useful.

Online graphics programs: other free alternatives
Of course, the internet has a lot more to offer than these five free graphics programs. When choosing the program, however, it often comes down to personal preferences. It's worth trying some free programs to see which one best suits your needs. On the web you can also find other advanced software such as the programs for vector graphics Vectr and SVG Edit for the free creation of vector graphics. Photo Pos Pro is also available for image editing, while VSCO can be used on mobile devices.