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Vodafone Total Cloud Private - guaranteed security

Are you looking for a secure, flexible and high-performance solution for your IT infrastructure? Then you have come to the right place with our private cloud offerings: Our Tier3 + data centers guarantee the highest level of security. Our bundles ensure easy and flexible scalability according to your business needs. And our network provides a strong and reliable backbone for the secure transport of your data.


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Your options with Vodafone Total Cloud Private

In addition to certified security, our private cloud offers offer maximum flexibility and scalability with the latest cloud technologies.

Your advantages

  • Build on our highly optimized and coordinated components - from CPU blades to storage and networking.
  • With our solutions you can cope with small and large business requirements in a dynamic market.
  • Have an overview of your costs and resources at any time. Our practical and easy-to-use management tools will help you with this.

Why Total Cloud Private from Vodafone?

  • Certified security

    The most important property of our private cloud is its extreme security: We operate all cloud technologies for you in our Tier3 + data centers in Frankfurt and Rüsselsheim. With the ISO certificates 27001 and 9001, you have the highest security standards that can be achieved in a commercial environment. We also assign a firewall to each virtual machine with the help of Network Defined Data Center technologies.

    Our data centers meet all European and German data protection requirements. In addition, your company's identity management can easily be transferred to your private cloud solution.

  • Network as the backbone of the cloud

    Fast and reliable data transport is essential for high-performance cloud computing. That is exactly what we guarantee - as one of the world's largest telecommunications providers in the mobile and fixed network. Almost 500 million customers trust our mobile voice and data connections. Our fiber optic network stretches over 1 million kilometers and reaches people and companies in 17 regions of the world.

    Our data centers are connected directly and redundantly to our fiber optic network. This gives you a huge advantage. Because we not only take care of the processing of your data, but also ensure that it is transported quickly and safely. And literally in every corner of the world.

  • Easy management

    Our private cloud offer relieves your company IT. You save an enormous amount of time, especially when operating your infrastructure. You can use our private cloud as a "managed" or self-service variant. The entire cloud is controlled simply and intuitively via our cloud portal.

    You can use the portal to manage all computing, storage and networking capacities. You assign resources to the workloads. Or you can independently provide virtual machines, firewalls and networks - simply with a click of the mouse. The Business Manager software also shows you exactly which resources are being used by whom.

  • Just grow

    Business requirements are extremely dynamic in the digitized world. We map this dynamic in our private cloud offering and enable fast and uncomplicated growth options: The smallest private cloud consists of 2 CPUs with appropriate storage and sufficient connectivity.

    There are no upper limits to your growth plans - computing power, storage and connectivity can be switched on practically without limits. Predefined bundles with components optimized for each other also facilitate growth.

Success stories from the cloud

  • More security, flexible growth, faster data transport

    The company for innovative human resource management systems uses managed hosting from Vodafone. This gives the company more flexibility - and can grow quickly and easily.

  • Cloud solution ensures more flexibility and reliability

    The wholesale company Keller & Kalmbach relies on the managed hosting service from Vodafone. This allows the company to react flexibly to new business requirements. At the same time, it increases reliability and saves costs.

  • Competitive edge through digitization

    With the cloud & hosting and connectivity solutions from Vodafone, the Lutze group of companies can concentrate fully on innovations in its core business

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  • What is Total Cloud Private from Vodafone?

    Vodafone Private Cloud is a secure, highly available and scalable IT platform for hosting and operating your applications in secure data centers. You can do without the installation of your own, cost-intensive infrastructure. Instead, use our hosting solution, which adapts to your current requirements - quickly and inexpensively. In this way, you and your company can react flexibly to new market situations at any time and increase your competitiveness efficiently. But you only pay for services that are actually used.

    Security is very important to our hosting solutions. That is why we rely on highly developed technologies from industry leaders such as EMC2, Cisco, HP or VMware. A simple and intuitive resource management in our self-service portal rounds off the services of Vodafone Total Cloud Private.

  • What are the benefits of Total Cloud Private?

    The great advantage of the Vodafone Total Cloud Private: You retain full cost control at all times. Because instead of installing your own expensive IT infrastructure, you can use our hosting services, which can be booked using a monthly rental model. You only pay for services that you actually use. And the services can be scaled in order to be able to respond flexibly to changing requirements at any time.

    In addition, a high level of security for your company is particularly important to us: Your hosting solutions are hosted in secure data centers and, if necessary, secured with our MPLS product Company Net (IP-VPN). In addition, of course, only you and your employees have access to your platform. We also play it safe for you with other security products such as managed firewall, email protection or DDoS mitigation.

    Further advantages of Total Cloud Private: a user-friendly self-service portal for managing your resources and computing capacities, the latest hardware and innovative infrastructure elements from market leaders.

  • What options does Vodafone Total Cloud Private offer?

    We provide your infrastructure with the optimal degree of virtualization on our private cloud platform. This means that you do not have to expand your own IT structures at high cost and you can react flexibly to changing market requirements. Our hosting services have been developed with the latest infrastructure. And they use the best-of-breed technology in the industry - the best possible solution suite for your company.

    The booked functions are available as a managed version including round-the-clock monitoring. In this way, your employees can focus fully on day-to-day business. Or you can opt for our basic infrastructure, which offers you space for individual test and development projects.

    In addition, with Total Cloud Private, thanks to the role concept, you have the option of only granting authorized employees access to the services. In this way you reduce the risk of data misuse. You can also track all service changes made in the change log.