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Dragons, enchanted creatures and other mythical creatures await hikers in the Wartau

Dragons, enchanted creatures and other mythical creatures await hikers in the Wartau

The hike on the Wartau Legends and History Trail is a journey through time. The ancient legends accompany the hiker to the supposed locations of the stories.

The municipality of Wartau is known for beautiful hiking routes. However, these usually lead high up to the peaks of Gonzen, Alvier or Gauschla. If you don't want to be a summiteer for once but want to find out more about the Walsers, the castle ruins and the legends handed down in the “Wartou” dialect, the Wartau Legends and History Trail is well advised.

Corina Kyburz hiked in the footsteps of the history of the Wartau:

"Although I grew up here, I learned a lot about the history of the Wartau."

The starting point for the hike is the town hall in Azmoos

However, the hike can start at any point on the route and run in both directions, because the hike forms a cycle.

The hike consists of walking through the 20 or so legend and history panels. Brown signposts with a bat symbol show the way to the next information board. After a good two kilometers you reach the first scene of the sagas. Corina Kyburz is fascinated by the legends:

"I was already fascinated by the legends as a child."

The gruesome, tragic and sometimes funny legends accompany the hiker along the entire route. The legends were collected by Jakob Kuoni and Heinrich Gabathuler and written down in the Wartau legends book in the unique dialect. At the supposed scenes of the legends, they show today what people were afraid of back then and in which natural spirits they believed.

From the Walser settlements to the artillery fort

The hike leads you through the long history of the Wartau. From the first settlements to the Walsers and the castle on the Ochsenberg in Gretschins. Corina Kyburz is enthusiastic about the historical background of the community:

"You have no idea how much history there is in the Wartau."

Due to the geographical proximity to the historically important traffic axes and the fertile soil, the first settlements in the area of ​​today's Wartau emerged early on.

The artillery fort in Magletsch is one of the more recent historical witnesses of the community. The bunkers and anti-tank traps from gloomy times are noticeable again and again during the hike.

A hike over hill and dale

The hike through forests, meadows and the Oberschaner Riet makes the hearts of nature lovers beat faster. The area is home to 20 bat species, including rare specimens such as the great horseshoe bat. That is why the legend and history trail also has the bat in its logo.