Boxing can cause brain damage

Boxing for general fitness

I've boxed for 5 years - the last two professionally. When I boxed - in the projects - it was in a "real" gym.

I've also taught people in classes and "boxing halls". And I put that in quotes because I was a more personal trainer using boxing techniques and workouts for my clients. Probably in the same category you're in - you don't want to be a boxer.

You may be working with a great personal trainer, but no reputable boxing trainer will face customers who are not frugal.

What you get out of your boxing training depends on the equipment and exercises you are doing. If you could give me a sample plan, I could probably tell you what to expect.

If you were "boxing" 4 days a week with a good trainer, your work would involve a small amount of weight work (normal day could include 4 sets of 20 squats at moderate weight), it would involve abdominal work every day, it would involve speed work (Sprints, jumping exercises, lateral movement), it would involve endurance training (jump rope, long jogging, shadow boxing), and it would involve a lot of heavy pocket work.

What can you expect from a real boxing regime? The answer is simple - an efficient body. A real boxing workout reduces your body to its optimal weight while maintaining as much speed and explosion as possible. Don't be fooled by Rocky - this body doesn't exist in most gyms. Having big muscles is slow, decreases your length, and makes you jump to a higher weight class ...

What do you have to worry about? If you don't sparring, nothing will ever hit you on the head (my trainer always hit me with his gloves on when I dropped my hands). For the new boxer, I'd say my main concern would be the elbows - beyond stretching, the # 1 injury is from experience. Make sure your hands are properly wrapped, you wear gloves when hitting something, and that you slowly get into the routine for the first few weeks.

The benefits of a good boxing routine. You will be using muscles that you can never use in your life. You will become faster and leaner. You are getting the best natural high that you can get. And how do you know if you have a good coach ... he should be more concerned about your intensity, not your "form" or you "boxing lessons". If you don't exert yourself and just jump a rope and hit a bag, you will see little to no results (other than sweating).


+1, I was working in the factory with a man who boxed professionally, he was 5'7-9 "and told me how he had to lose weight because otherwise he would have to box people who were like 6'2 b / c (and the range to match) because of the different weight class lol.