What do you mean by light transformer

Contribution from Michael Sommer ┬╗Tuesday April 7, 2009, 10:39 am


Why should it not be possible to use tested plug-in power supplies on the MOBA to supply power to LEDs and electronic assemblies.

For example, I use Conrad's plug-in power supplies SNG3-xx, SNG12-xx or SNG24-xx to supply my electronic components (not solenoid items, boosters, central units). These power adapters are equipped with overload protection. I also looped a suitable fine fuse between the output cable and the soldering strip (fine fuse holder with connection cable / terminals from the automotive sector). So I have "suspenders and belt" at the same time.

The DC output voltage is sufficiently stabilized. Depending on the type, I can then define 6 voltage levels using jumpers. Of course, I am never allowed to interconnect several power supply units on the secondary side, but that also applies to all Moba transformers.

All power supplies for the system are connected to a central switchable socket strip 16A. This means that all devices are always switched off at the same time.

Example order numbers:


WDP, Tams-MC + Booster B-MBT (MM + DCC) for driving, Central Unit 6021 + Interface 6051 for switching, S88 modules via HSI-88USB (exDiCo). AMD Athlon (TM) XP2800 + (2.08 GHz), 1MB RAM, Windows XP-2002, SP2, 2 monitors (22 "/ 19"). AC railroaders, K-tracks