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Israel and Germany : The war of opinion on the Middle East conflict is unworthy

There is war in the Middle East. Missiles are fired. Fighter jets fly attacks. People seek protection. People cry, suffer and die. The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has escalated as it has not for years. From Gaza, Hamas covered the Jewish state with an almost non-stop hail of bullets, the leadership in Jerusalem made use of Israel's right to self-defense and hit back massively. And at the moment it doesn't look like the situation will calm down anytime soon.

A war of opinion on the Middle East conflict has broken out in Germany

The same applies to Germany. There is also a fire here. A war of opinion is in full swing. Are you for the Palestinians or for the Israelis? This question was already being asked with a furore when the conflict in the Middle East was just beginning to rocket. Since then there has been arguments, abuse and threats. Unfortunately, the topic even found its way into the election campaign. War and suffering are not at all good for it.

You have to endure some requests to speak, as difficult as it is for you. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. But some things are unbearable and cannot be tolerated. What Jews in Germany have been listening to and experiencing for a few days is infamous, disturbing - and far too often even anti-Semitic.

What Jews in Germany have been listening to and experiencing for a few days is infamous and disturbing

It starts with Jews being asked on Twitter, for example, that they must clearly distance themselves from Israel and its Palestinian policy. If they do not do that, they face open hatred. One who oozes anti-Semitism. Because anyone who wants to force such a confession assumes that Judaism in Germany is nothing more than an outpost of Israel. Behind this is the malicious charge of disloyalty - one of the oldest prejudices against Jews. Not to mention the accusation that is popular in Germany that Israel was using Nazi methods.

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Sure, the leadership in Jerusalem can be criticized. But delegitimizing the Jewish state, even denying it its right to exist, crosses a line. Those who do this are exposing themselves. Shows that the Middle East conflict is a welcome vehicle for them to unleash their hatred of Jews.

This applies not only to the unbridled digital space, but also to the analogue one. As soon as the Israeli army flew counter-attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza, the first people ready to use violence were on the German streets, setting Israeli flags on fire and attacking synagogues. As in Gelsenkirchen, they chanted “Shit Jews” or “Child murderer Israel”. It is sentences and images that put you to shame. Now the security precautions in front of Jewish institutions are tightened. Once again.

Jews in Germany ask themselves: Why are you letting the anti-Semites do their thing?

No wonder that Jews in Germany are appalled and afraid. And ask yourself: where is the solidarity with us? Why do you let anti-Semites have their way? Why are we held responsible for the Middle East conflict? All compelling questions that must be answered in such a way that Jews can feel part of this country without any ifs or buts.

And let me say again to the enemies of Israel and Jews: the aggression in the latest round of the Middle East conflict came from Hamas - not from Israel. The Islamists don't care what that means for the Palestinians.

What about Israel? Resists constant fire, wants to protect its citizens. As any other state would.

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