Will whiskey stones scratch glass

How do I remove the taste of whiskey stones?

Soapstone whiskey rocks are a thing of the past. There are much better whiskey stones that have a much better cooling capacity and have no flavor. I love my whiskey, but I love it cool. I've tried soapstone whiskey rocks and to be honest they are awful. I also tried the glass and granite products and these don't offer much cooling performance either.

The stainless steel parts are by far the best I've tried, but it's important to make sure that not only are they a plated version, most of them are only 3/4 of an inch, but these are still too small to to use them give the result you want, the best are 1 inch cubes.

The best I've ever tried are called Great White Ice Whiskey Stones. They are 1 inch cubes and are made of pure stainless steel with a liquid cooling gel in the middle, are smooth and highly polished and never scratch anything. They stay colder for much longer than any other types I've tried and the best part is that they only need to be frozen for 1-2 hours. They can also be used in any other type of drink, I also use them in my wine. They have no taste and will never break or rust. Trust me, you will never use soapstone whiskey stones again after trying these!

You can get them on Amazon. Here is the link [http://www.amazon.com/Great-White-Ice-Whiskey-Stones/dp/B00CIXQ5C4[1]