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Pets: what to do when the rabbit is lonely

Rabbits are sociable group animals, in scientific language that means they are obligatorily social. They spend most of the day in contact with fellow dogs. They cuddle up to each other, they clean and nibble at each other. They organize running games and communicate with each other. They spend more than half the time with such social behaviors.

It was the same in the case of Karotta and Nagobert. But because Nagobert recently died unexpectedly, Karotta's owner is now worried: "She has changed, is no longer as lively as it used to be and looks down, almost depressed." That may sound very human, but when rabbits have no conspecifics, they get lonely them really fast. A rabbit would never live alone out of human care. A replacement for Nagobert must therefore be found as soon as possible. But how do you bring two rabbits together without the tatters flying? Here are a few basics:

Rabbits are territorial animals, they defend their territory. If you simply place the new rabbit in the existing enclosure of the old animal, it will react with defense. The solution: Both animals should get to know each other outside of the existing territory on neutral ground. This can be, for example, a separate room in the house or a newly defined enclosure in the garden. In the beginning you need two houses and two feeding places. Both animals move in at the same time! Also important: you need a lot of space to get out of your way. The more, the less stressful the socialization is. Attention: There should be no dead ends anywhere, every house needs a back exit.

Minor bites are normal at the first rabbit meeting

The first approach can now be friendly, reserved or brutal. Don't worry, flying tufts of fur and minor biting are normal at first. They peak after twelve to 24 hours, after which the fighting and mutual hunting quickly decrease. Just don't intervene too quickly and, above all, don't want to arbitrate or protect one of the two! Then the animals do not find their way of ranking. After a few days it becomes more peaceful. If the rabbits eat and cuddle together, they are allowed to move into the original enclosure together. However, if the two long-eared ears clash in the initial phase in such a way that they bite into each other and wounds occur, the animals must be separated. Then it is better to choose another animal as a partner.

Because female rabbits quarrel with each other more often, it is advisable to use a neutered buck again in Karotta's case. The castration must have passed at least six weeks. This is how long the male rabbit can be procreative after the operation.

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Our author Tanja Warter is a veterinarian. For ten years she has combined her passion for veterinary medicine with the fun of writing.

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