Why don't the eyelashes keep growing

How do my eyelashes grow longer - possible or not?

Many women find their eyelashes too short or too thin. You are wondering, "How do my lashes grow longer?" The cosmetics industry offers many products that promise relief. Although most serums and inks work, you should remain skeptical. The effect usually falls short of expectations. We explain exactly what you can expect from the individual products.

How eyelashes grow in humans

The wreath of tiny hairs around the mammalian eye is used to protect the eye from foreign bodies. The eyelashes are subject to a certain life cycle that differs from animal species to animal species. From a biological point of view, humans are also mammals.

The life cycle of human eyelashes is between 100 and 150 days. During this time, the approximately 150 to 250 small hairs on the upper eyelid grow to a length of eight to a maximum of twelve millimeters. The 50 to 150 eyelashes of the lower eyelid grow to around six to eight millimeters. The predisposition is decisive for the number of eyelashes and the maximum final length.

Over time, the tips of the hairs wear off. This shortens the eyelashes. The small hairs are exposed to great stress. To protect them from this, there are two sebum glands and one sweat gland on each hair. They provide the hairs with moisture. The worse the eyelashes are supplied with sebum and sweat, the more fragile they become.

Incidentally, it is no coincidence that the eyebrows were left over from the body hair of primates in humans. They are also part of the protection system. They protect the eye from liquids such as water and sweat that run down the forehead.

This allows the hair to become longer

You cannot influence the speed of growth, the lifespan or the number of hairs, but you can influence the secretion of sebum and sweat. The production of sebum is highly dependent on diet. If you eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins, more sebum is formed. Girls who lose weight also reduce the build-up of sebum. The body saves the fat for more important tasks. This is a natural reaction of nature to survive times of food shortage.

You can also add oils to the eyelashes from the outside to prevent them from breaking off. Castor oil, which is contained in many care products, has proven itself to provide the eyelashes with oil. You can also apply the pure oil to the hair on the edge of the eyelid with a brush.

With good nutrition and the application of oils, you prevent premature wear and tear on the ends of your hair. If you also refrain from mechanically straining the hair with an eyelash curler, your eyelashes will become thicker and longer after a few weeks. They don't grow faster, but they wear out less.

Effect of eyelash serum with bimatoprost

These serums are not available in Germany, in the USA you can only get these products with a prescription. In the USA, two preparations are approved as growth accelerators for the eyelashes on the upper eyelid. The active ingredient bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue. It is a modeled hormone that acts on various glands in the body. This active ingredient is used, among other things, in eye drops that lower intraocular pressure. The effects described are based on studies by the manufacturers of the eye drops that are mentioned in the package inserts.

The cause of the growth is unknown. This medication may increase the life of the eyelashes. There could also be a better supply of sebum. The observation that hair can also grow in previously hairless areas suggests that the hormone stimulates the growth phase. According to a user study, the eyelashes grew stronger in 45 percent of patients in the first year. In the second year the number fell to seven percent and in the third year to two percent. The growth of the eyelashes therefore decreases with the duration of the application.

44 percent of the patients developed reddening of the conjunctiva and 14 percent had severe itchy eyes. These complaints also decreased in the following two years. Existing asthma has worsened with its use in some patients.

About 1.5 percent of users got a more pigmented iris and brown discoloration of the eyelid margin. The changes in color of the iris are particularly evident at the edge of the pupil. These changes are believed to be permanent. In individual cases, the drops have led to hair growth in unwanted places.

The use of eyelash serum with bimatoprost can lead to low pressure in the eye if the intraocular pressure is normal. The retina is fixed in the eye by the pressure of the aqueous humor. Permanently too low pressure can lead to retinal detachment and blindness. Therefore, you need to have the internal pressure of your eyes measured regularly when using the serum. These products have been shown to stimulate eyelash growth. However, the application harbors the dangers described.

Make your eyelashes look beautiful

With artificial eyelashes and special mascaras you can get a long and thick lash line around the eye in just a few minutes. The following overview will help you to find the method that is right for you.

Mascara with fibers or waxes envelops your existing eyelashes. The cover makes them thicker and, depending on the type of brush, longer. The products weigh down the hairs that are present. The extra weight can break them off. There is a particular danger when removing make-up. Dissolve the mascara with a mild cream for removing make-up from the eyes. Wipe off the loosened paint without tugging,

With an eyelash extension, a beautician sticks small tufts of artificial eyelashes onto individual ones of your real eyelashes. The hair bundles stay in place until the respective eyelash falls out. With some practice, you can glue the eyelashes on yourself. This method results in natural-looking eyelashes, but puts a strain on the tiny hairs. It can happen that these fail prematurely. Your own eyelashes can become very thin at times. "Afforestation" with artificial eyelashes is only possible again when enough of your own hair has grown back.

Glue contiguous artificial eyelashes tightly over your own eyelashes. You can also put small bundles of eyelashes between the real eyelashes. The procedure quickly ensures beautiful, thick eyelashes and does not damage your own eye jewelry. You have to remove this extension in the evening when removing make-up.

There is no method that can make eyelashes grow faster. Eyelash serums with bimatoprost are believed to extend the life of the eyelashes. The growth phase lasts longer and the eyelashes fall out later. Nourishing oils prevent premature breakage, the lashes keep their length. Eyelash care and good nutrition always lead to more beautiful eyelashes. In addition, you can add artificial eyelashes to your eyelashes or use mascara with lengthening or thickening additives. This visual improvement is only of a temporary nature.