Why is weaving important

Kindergarten loom - for young and old

Why are looms so important for kindergarten children?

Daycare looms made of wood are an aid to this Self-confidence to empower children in a simple way. At the end of working with the wool, the child has a finished object as a Sense of achievement in the hands. Producing something independently strengthens them Self-efficacy and makes little artists proud. After all, your own results are quickly visible in the process - this automatically encourages the little ones to stick with it and carry on.

Since weaving technology is one of the oldest traditions in the manufacture of textiles, weaving in kindergarten can make the Solidarity with tradition to be awakened and strengthened.

Use looms to promote hand-eye coordination and concentration

When weaving on the loom in kindergarten, the shuttle is guided alternately from above and below through the tensioned threads. In the field of Fine motor skills will be so Hand-eye coordination trained.

By counting the individually clamped threads and weaving through your own wool, the cognitive skills trained on the children's wooden loom and the concentration, as well as the Focus on a goal promoted.

In addition, the kindergarten weaving also has a calming effect on the little ones. By repeating the same activity, you can concentrate better and complete your task. The weaving almost works here meditative. The little ones arrive at themselves.

Thanks to weaving frames for kindergarten children, creativity and dexterity are encouraged

In kindergarten weaving, the imagination of the children steered into free paths. You are allowed to choose your individual Color sequences create and own template produce. What is beautiful in their eyes is allowed to be. It can be unfolded.

Whether it is woven with or without instructions, whether the design is carried out at home with the parents, in elementary school or as a DIY project: In any case, the Agility and the filigree feeling brought forth and strengthened in the kids.

Kindergarten looms in the best quality from KRAFT

Children in the Fine motor skills and in theirs Sure instinct promoting is very important to us. Through our years of experience in the education sector and the close contacts too Research institutes and pedagogues, we can do one extraordinary quality guarantee with our kindergarten toys and our children's looms.

The following advantages we offer you with our artificial weaving frames:

  • More natural, renewable and robust Wood as a raw material
  • Big distances enable weaving with coarser materials
  • Large area Work
  • Pieces of weave easily removable
  • There are no limits for your creativity

Other children's looms, for example our round, small looms, can be made quickly and well fixed covered and are excellent for working with thin yarn or fine threads suitable.

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