Where is the Ternopil State Medical University

Welcome to Ternopil State Medical University! As rector and also alumnus, I am overwhelmed with the honor and excitement to lead this university into a spectacular future of cooperation between faculties, students, alumni, and friends not only within Ukraine, but also with our colleagues from abroad.

I was always amazed at the widespread energy and enthusiasm of our people. Whether it's teaching, researching, running the daily university affairs, or serving the local community, our faculty and staff are excited about their job and the potential we have.

The level has been discontinued, according to the latest ranking of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health between medical and pharmaceutical schools of the fourth accreditation level, Ternopil State Medical University was awarded first place. It is our job now to maintain this legacy and to bring it up to a brand new level. I have complete confidence that our University will continue to improve its stature as one of the nation’s top Medical Universities.

Whether you visit us online or in person, I cordially wish you a warm welcome, as there is no better place to study, grow, develop a great personality, and become a truly devoted and skilled doctor. I invite you to come back and share your ideas and dreams for our future.

Mission of the Ternopil State Medical University is:

  • Train the next generation of highly qualified professionals for the public health system of Ukraine and other countries by providing quality academic services and maintaining high standards of education, research and training.
  • Promote basic and applied research in the biomedical and pharmacological sciences, provide leading clinical assistance, and develop new diagnostic and treatment techniques for the needs of the national public health system
  • Assisting our students in their pursuit of intellectual, spiritual, and professional goals that will enable them to become independent and socially conscious individuals.

Ternopil State Medical University's vision

TNMU is a tertiary medical school at the forefront of medical education and research. It is growing and developing continuously, aiming to become a pre-eminent and lasting academic research institution for training highly skilled and competitive professionals who are recognized by their peers around the world and who are confident that their training is in demand in today's society.