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There are no big differences between Christianity and Islam, so the conclusion after a dialogue meeting in Buchs

There are no big differences between Christianity and Islam, so the conclusion after a dialogue meeting in Buchs

As a bridge builder, the Mintegra invited women from different religions to a dialogue on the subject of rituals.

Women of different faiths met in the Aula Flös in Buchs to exchange ideas about "their" religion and the tradition of their everyday religious rituals that they live. During the interreligious dialogue and action week, different faith communities exchange ideas with the aim of bringing various religions and cultures closer together, for better mutual understanding. The event was moderated by Mina Safai, Social Service for Foreign Languages, Mintegra Foundation.

The Catholic population overtakes the Protestant

Five representatives from five religious communities described their personal rituals in relation to their religion. It all started with two women from the Catholic parish in Buchs-Grabs. They spoke of the rituals of prayer and fasting.

One of the spokespersons for the Protestant parish recorded how things have changed in the Protestant stronghold of Buchs. 50/60 years ago, the Protestant church was represented by around 80 percent of the population in Buchs. «Today the Catholic Church overtook us. Currently only about a quarter of the population is Protestant. "

Islam as a personal religion of the heart

The appearance of Bernada Sljyvar as the representative of the Islamic Cultural Center of the Bosniaks in Buchs was impressive. A lively woman who was ready to authentically perform her daily ritual of prayer. She unpacked her prayer rug, laid it on the floor in the Flös auditorium, demonstrated and commented step by step on the daily prayers that she celebrates whenever possible. The audience could evidently witness an Islamist prayer. She emphasized that it was her personal religion of the heart, but that she respected all people who would live a different religion.

She was born in Bosnia and was registered as a Muslim, although her father was a communist at the time (in Tito's time) and had nothing to do with Islam. In a personal conversation, she said that she only got to know Islam 18 years ago when she came to Switzerland as a 20-year-old.

No big differences between religions

The representative of the Somali Association of Eastern Switzerland concluded the performances. She is also a Muslim and said that they have rituals similar to those of the previous speaker from Bosnia. There are some variations. The most important thing, however, is the morning prayer.

«We are only allowed to pray to our God Allah. But that is exactly the same as with Christians who only pray to God. "

Afterwards there were lively discussions among women from different religions. They could talk to each other and ask if something was unclear. A Muslim woman from Somalia could hardly believe that Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope are not allowed to marry. "Does that apply to all of life?" She wanted to know. There were many other questions that would probably have to be discussed at a next meeting. The conclusion of the women: There are no big differences between Christianity and Islam. Much is almost the same, only different is named. Just like the Bible, the Koran knows Jesus, Mary and the prophets - to name an example.