Why are all of my pictures blurry

Cell phone camera out of focus? You should do that

The quality of current cell phone cameras is often in no way inferior to professional equipment. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that pictures from the cell phone camera are out of focus. If the photo app on your mobile phone takes blurry photos, this is due to various causes.

Often a simple setting is enough to improve the image quality again. We give you tips for problems with your mobile phone camera. The solutions help cameras from all major cell phone manufacturers, for example the Samsung Galaxy S8, S10 or the iPhone.

Blurry pictures with cell phone camera: solutions

Many cell phone problems can be fixed with a simple restart. So switch your device off, on again and take your photo again. If that doesn't help, there are other solutions for blurring pictures with the mobile phone camera:

First, make sure the camera lens is clean. Gently wipe the lens with a cloth. Also check whether there is a protective film or the phone case over the camera. Sometimes the cell phone protection shifts, for example if you carried your cell phone in your pocket.

If you take a photo, you should keep your hands and smartphone as still as possible. Especially in poor lighting conditions, it takes longer for the camera app to trigger. A tripod for your mobile phone is suitable for evening and night shots.

More tips against poor photo quality

An incorrect setting may simply lead to blurred images. Make sure the flash is on for pictures. Then shoot your shot again and check if the quality is still poor. Also check the settings of the camera app to see whether the correct focus setting is active for your recording. For example, to compensate for movements on Samsung Galaxy devices immediately after the recording, you activate the Chase AF.

If you tap a spot on your mobile phone screen with the camera app open, the corresponding spot will be focused. The subject may not be in focus with manual focus.

If an unknown, incorrect setting results in blurry images, you can reset the settings directly in the options of the camera app. In the case of Android phones, it is also advisable to clear the camera app's cache:

  1. First open the Settings of the cell phone.
  2. Go to the section for the installed Apps on.
  3. Go into the options for the Camera app.
  4. In the storage options you choose delete data and clear cache.

If your recordings are still out of focus despite all possible solutions, there may be a technical defect in the cell phone or camera. In this case you should replace the camera. If you don't want to tinker with your mobile phone yourself, we will show you where you can find the nearest repair service in your area.

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