Obito was weak against Itachi

Table of contents [Show] Prehistory The ninja village Konoha-Gakure (also Konoha for short) is attacked by Kyūbi, an almost invincible nine-tailed fox monster. Naruto - Itachi with Kunai Collectible Figure (Alliance Entertainment Exclusive) 4.8 out of 5 stars 607. In this last encounter with his younger brother, Itachi transferred all of his eye techniques to Sasuke, so that he is now also in the possession of the Mangekyou Sharingan. Shadow Itachi Uchiha is a fanfiction author that has written 10 stories for Naruto, Fairy Tail, Ben-To / ベ ン ・ ト ー, Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor / ロ ク で な し 魔術 魔術 講師 と 禁忌 教 典, RWBY, and Durarara !! / デ ュ ラ ラ ラ! Visualizza altre idee su frasi sulla nonna, capelli uomo spettinati, arte triste. When Itachi and Kisame heard from Kakashi that he knew about Akatsuki, they wanted to take him with them, but Maito Gai was able to drive them away for the time being. Visit us: #anime So you always have your favorite communities with you and never miss anything again. Naruto Shippuden: Akatsuki Uchiha Itachi Naruto Statue PVC Figure - High 10.2 Inches. Thanks to his sharingan, Itachi is also a master in gene jutsu and can trap his opponent in a gene jutsu if he just looks him in the eye or if he points a finger at him. Itachi was still alive and Sasuke asked confused what had happened. Thanks to sharingan he can do the chakra, or [Naruto a Sasuke] Sei rimasto un bambino, Naruto. Kabuto Yakushi, who joins forces with Tobi, has revived the following members of Akatsuki as proof of his strength by means of Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei: Itachi, Sasori, Nagato, Kakuzu and Deidara. That was the saddest story I've heard. La frase che dice Itachi è Omae o Zutto Aishiteiru.Per dire Ti amo in giapponese ci sono diversi modi, ma Aishiteru è un modo molto formal per indicare di amare l'altra persona, comune ma non troppo tra le coppie sposate.Itachi avrebbe potuto Usare i termini più conosciuti e informali come. Weight: Per aggiungere una citazione da questa opera, inseriscila come commento qua sotto. Non devi perdonarmi. He awakened this at the age of eight and was thus the great talent of the clan. Itachi a Sasuke "Il destino di cui parli ... Io lo cambio quando voglio!" Kisame says that Itachi is the stronger ninja of the two, although he is already a very strong shinobi and even Tobi mentions that Itachi could have defeated him if he had known everything about him. That all of this was revealed to Sasuke was not at all Itachi's intention. Quindi questa volta, voglio che tu comunichi questa verità a te. Especially that he took on the role of the traitor and attracted Sasuke's hatred. 8- Coloro che volgono le loro mani contro i loro compagni si assicurano che moriranno di una morte terribile. Film 1: Naruto - The Movie: Secret Mission in the Land of Eternal Snow, Film 2: Naruto - The Movie: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel, Film 3: Naruto - The Movie: The Guardians of the Crescent Moon, Article of the Month October 2008 and September 2016,, In early drafts by Masashi Kishimoto, Itachi was one of the leaders. He is a particularly talented shinobi from Konohagakure and became a genin at the age of seven. C-Rank: 9. 12 visite oggi) Naruto e Gamabunta, attraverso una trasformazione combinata, prendono le sembianze di Kyuubi (volpe a nove code). Name: died No, it was the other way around, an innocent seduction that ensnared the Uchiha heir like nothing else could. As a member of the Uchiha clan, Itachi owns the Kekkei Genkai of his clan, the Sharingan. Narutopedia is a fandom anime community. Itachi Uchiha Kakashi Hatake Naruto Uzumaki Obito Uchiha OC (Own Character) Sasuke Uchiha Many people lost loved ones or even their own lives during the third great ninja world war. SharinganMangekyou Sharingan Itachi's Tai-Jutsu skills are exceptional. His Tai Jutsu skills must be a lot better, as he had exterminated his entire clan and probably defeated many of them in hand-to-hand combat. 99. Rai Uchiha was a leader of the Uchiha clan in the warring states. Since nobody is allowed to look him in the eyes, it is extremely difficult to fight him. At eight he was already proficient in Sharingan. However, Itachi did not have the heart to kill his innocent little brother. The black flames burn everything Itachi looks at. At eight he was already proficient in Sharingan. Manga: Forgive me Sasuke, this is the last time. Itachi's great talent was already evident at the academy, where he was always the best. Uzumaki Naruto is tornato! Game: Later it is revealed that Itachi only joined Akatsuki to learn from Madara Uchiha how to get even more power than him to protect Konoha from within. An AU love story for Itachi Uchiha. 12- Ossessionato dall'organizzazione, ossessionato dal clan, ossessionato da te stesso. Di seguito trovate una citazione di Madara, due di Pain e due di Itachi. If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and lead a hideous life…. Itachi also loses his eyesight. 17- Non diventerai l'Hokage per essere riconosciuto da tutti. Other: No matter what happens from now on, I will always love you. I thought he was great even before I found out the truth about him. But he can also combine it with the sword of Totsuka. Itachi's story particularly affects me very much. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Pagina dedicata alle frasi di Itachi Uchiha, personaggio del manga e anime Naruto,… Position: È il fratello maggiore di Sasuke Uchiha ed è stato responsabile dell'uccisione di tutti i membri del suo clan, lasciando in vita solo il fratello minore, Sasuke. Episode 80 Visualizza altre idee su frasi sulla nonna, capelli uomo spettinati, arte triste. Size: 0 [1] 10- Auto sacrificio. 152 [1] He can handle shuriken perfectly and in training he managed to hit nine targets perfectly at the same time, several of which were hidden in a blind spot. This is the cosplay costume of "Itachi Uchiha" from the series "Naruto Shippuden" The article consists of the following parts: - Coat - Undercoat - Headband - Pants - Mesh shirt The coat is made of polyester and the mesh shirt is made of a polyester-cotton blend. Il potere ti fa diventare arrogante e insolated dal mondo. Ho scelto di scrivere questa "storia" perchè voglio unificare tutti gli insegorni che Naruto mi ha dato. ... - Discorso tra Naruto, Itachi e Killer-Bee Ep. Kisame Hoshigaki, Juuzou Biwa Frasi di “Naruto: Shippuden” (2007) Titolo Naruto: Shippuden Titolo originale Naruto: Shippûden Anno 2007 Genere Fantascienza, Thriller, Avventura, Animazione, Azione Acquistalo su. He is able to recognize the weak points of a jutsu and can thus repel or dissolve this jutsu. Since Jiraiya is very strong and Itachi was already using the Mangekyou Sharingan too often, the two of them withdrew from Akatsuki. 6-dic-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "Frasi sulla nonna" by Vanessa Bevilacqua on Pinterest. -Non è la faccia che rende qualcuno un mostro, sono le decisioni che prende nella vita- Naruto Uzumaki.-Se non ti piace la mano con cui il destino ti ha trattato, combatti per prenderne una diversa! $ 33.83 $ 33. Orochimaru then leaves Akatsuki. Anyone who is trapped in an Itachi gene jutsu cannot get out of it without outside help and Itachi can do whatever he wants with his opponent. Tutte le migliori citazioni dell'Anime di Naruto Shippuden, con tutte le frasi più belle di Hinata, Konan, Kushina e degli altri personaggi. With the help of this sharingan he can use the special Dou-Jutsu of Shisui - the Kotoamatsukami. Itachi Uchiha came on the 9th. After the enemies were defeated, he declared… Itachi è un personaggio che per molti è considerato un grande cattivo, ma in qualche modo è riuscito a conquistare il cuore di molti seguaci di questa series. So he managed to stop Sasuke's Chidori with just one hand without any problems. 30-… う ち は イ タ チ “Questo mondo è pieno di cose che non vanno come vorremmo. With this jutsu he is able to trap his opponent in a gene jutsu even without his senses and to keep him trapped in an endless loop. Comprendere questo è also parte della formazione. "Just before he died, he tapped Sasuke on the forehead and said," I'm sorry, Sasuke ... But there won't be a next time. Due to being member of one of the key Hidden Leaf families, Itachi only knew about bloodshed and death as a child soldier of the Third Great Ninja War. Pagina dedicata all frasi di Itachi Uchiha, personaggio del manga e anime ... Ring: I think Naruto is so great mainly because of the Uchihas. In addition, he can recognize the movements and jutsus of his opponents at an early stage and react to them and copy the jutsus of his opponents. The masked man, who calls himself Madara Uchiha, helped Itachi in the mass murder. Itachi didn't want Sasuke to ever learn the truth about him, as Itachi played the renegade, murderous Uchiha, only to be ultimately killed by Sasuke to restore the honor of the Uchiha clan. He is one of the strongest shinobi from Konoha. È il fratello maggiore di Sasuke, nonché membro del Clan Uchiha e dell'Organizzazione Alba. at the age of 7 The "false Itachi" used Naruto's guilty conscience in Gen-Jutsu, that he had not saved Sasuke, thereby disappointed Kakashi, and had not kept the promise to Sakura and that there was a possibility that he was also unable to Gaara maybe no longer able to save against him. Sasuke felt an unbelievable tingling sensation in his stomach. Part 1: 57.1 kg [2] Part 2: 58 kg [3] Tutte le citazioni del manga di Naruto. Shark assunto che io abbia pazienza. With all these facts Sasuke is confronted within a few moments, which leads to Sasuke slowly falling into madness and denigrating Tobi as a liar. Gender: Just before they could take Naruto with them, Jiraiya arrived in time to protect Naruto. Born to be a prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha. This woman lured Jiraiya away from Naruto, so that Itachi and Kisame had an easy time kidnapping Naruto. He can also use Suiton Jutsus. He managed to awaken his Sharingan when he was only eight years old and his Mangekyou Sharingan when he was twelve. Itachi has always been utterly loyal to Konoha and wanted peace for his homeland. June as the firstborn son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha in Konohagakure. With that they would also find Sasuke, whom they want to bring back to Konohagakure. Naruto a Neji Edited by Itachi-san - 4/5/2011, 16:48 14- Coloro che perdonano se stessi e sono in grado di accettare la propria natura, sono i forti! Status: Fugaku Uchiha (father) Mikoto Uchiha (mother) Sasuke Uchiha (brother) Sarada Uchiha (niece) Sakura Haruno (sister-in-law) Niente cloni per ora, Naruto! Osservarti mi colpisce semper perché non sei perfetto, e so commetti degli errori, ma ogni volta hai la forza di ripartire, e io penso sia quella la vera forza ”grande frase di Hinata a Naruto. 2 - È sciocco temere ciò che deve ancora essere visto e conosciuto. Itachi was made a chunin at the age of ten and was already a team leader in the ANBU units at the age of thirteen. 6- Ti concentri sul banale e perdi di vista ciò che conta di più. Mi piace: 1901. Itachi knew that if they were to fight Jiraiya, they had little chance of taking Naruto with them. Le migliori frasi di Itachi. At the age of 11 When the fourth Shinobi World War breaks out against the alliance of the five large Shinobi villages, Itachi sets out at the side of Kakuzu and Nagato, who is carried by Kakuzu due to his disabled legs. Right ring finger Ninja rank: Itachi had seen many wars in his childhood. But Itachi behaved in an extremely contradictory manner towards Sasuke: He often rejected him when Sasuke asked for a training lesson. He can fire huge fireballs or smaller fireballs in which he hides shuriken. In addition, he does not do anything rashly and plans every single step in advance. Through his sharingan, he is also able to perform many genetic jutsus by just looking his opponents in the eyes. Because of this, Itachi was the entire pride of the Uchiha clan until he exterminated his clan and only let his little brother Sasuke survive. That Sasuke now feels a deep hatred for Konoha because of this knowledge, since Sasuke thinks Konoha has ruined his whole life, was not Itachi's intention. He was always the best and showed great talents in the ninja arts from an early age. It was at this point that Sasuke saw the Mangekyou Sharingan for the first time. He has a very pronounced ability to perceive and has a great ability to deceive others, since he can recognize people's feelings and weaknesses and use them against them. Itachi then left the village as an outlaw to prepare for the day he would have to fight his little brother. When Sasuke came back from Shuriken training a few months later, he found all members of the Uchiha clan dead. Itachi then left Konoha and became a member of Akatsuki so that he could continue to watch over his home village and Sasuke from the background. He notices Kisame's death when he sees that Bee has Samehada and while he alternately fought and talked with Naruto, he was shocked to hear that Sasuke wanted to destroy Konoha and Tobi's knowledge of the truth about him. However, he only succeeded in doing this with Kakashi, as he saw through the technology with the help of his Sharingan and warned others not to look into Itachi's eyes. ! Contrary to popular belief, Itachi did not seduce Sakura during the time she was nursing him back to health. flicking when he was too busy to train with. Il cambiamento è impossibile in questa palude di ignoranza. So Itachi did everything possible to make Sasuke believe that the Uchiha clan was the pride of Konoha and that what he had done was out of sheer malice. Anime: He didn't get an answer from Itachi, just this: Sasuke should fight, train, and get stronger until he - just like Itach - had learned Mangekyou Sharingan and then come back to him. … Per non rischiare un nuovo conflitto, quando gli Uchiha progettano un colpo di stato, Itachi, invece di supportare il clan, agisce a favore del villaggio e stermina tutto il suo clan secondo gli ordini dei consiglieri del Terzo Hokage e di Danzo (Danzo bastardo ç_ç). Despite having such impressive skills, he never underestimates his opponents and tries to avoid pointless fights. Which is why he decided to exterminate the Uchiha clan with Tobi. Apparently, he is also the source of the plans for the overthrow and conspiracy against the Third Hokage. (Naruto) Anche quando sbagli conservi grande dignità. In the meantime, Sasuke should hate and despise him. Mentre la morte viene per riceverti, realizzerai ciò che sei. Se lo fai, il fallimento è certo. Konohagakure Potresti also essere interestato a queste frasi di Naruto. So a costo di essere odiato, continuerò a essere il tuo muro da scavalcare. "SUNKEE Japanese Anime Naruto Cosplay Uchiha Itachi Set - Akatsuki Cloak Cape Size M + Itachi Necklace + Itachi Rings + Itachi Headband + Ninja Shoes at | Low price | Free shipping from 29 € for selected items Itachi avrebbe potuto usare i termini più conosciuti e informali come. Guarda cosa ha scoperto Gold D. Axel (torresangianmarco) su Pinterest, la raccolta di idee più grande del mondo. In addition to these mighty jutsus he can also use the Susano'o. Itachi, furious with anger, attacked the policemen and, when his father ended the argument, stared at them hatefully with the Mangekyou Sharingan without him seeing it. Thanks to his Sharingan, he is in himself able to recognize the intentions and jutsus of his opponents at an early stage and to react accordingly.