How can I cancel my old passports?

Return policy

Please note that promotional passes can usually not be refunded or exchanged, unless otherwise expressly stated in the promotional offer.

Printed passport

If you purchased your paper pass on this website, there are two scenarios in which you are eligible for a refund:

  1. You are sending your pass, which was not offered as part of a promotion *, unused and BEFORE the first day of validity. The first day of validity is the start date you selected when ordering. We'll reimburse 85% of the cost of your pass and keep 15% as cancellation fees. Refunds are based on the value of the pass only and exclude shipping and pass protection costs.
  2. Your pass was not delivered to you with DHL Shipping & Tracking on or before the expected delivery time. If this is proven to us, you will receive a 100% refund after your pass has been returned to the address shown in the refund application in your Interrail account. This includes delivery costs and passport protection.

Lost or stolen paper passports are non-refundable unless you have purchased Passport Protection in advance. If you submit your claim for loss or theft to us, we ask you to submit documents such as a replacement passport or tickets and a police report.

In order to receive a refund for a pass that is returned to us after the first day of validity, the train staff must sign it, a dated stamp from the station / ticket office and the label "UNUSED" BEFORE the first day of validity send your passport within 1 month of the last day of the passport's validity.

We cannot renew your paper passport or issue a copy of your passport for you. If you want to change the validity of your passport or other information on your paper passport, you have to apply for an exchange. You can find out how to exchange an Interrail pass below.

Mobile pass

Regular mobile passes purchased on this website that are not offered as part of promotions * can be refunded and exchanged if you request this (via your account on our website) within one year of the date of issue and before the first day of validity of the pass . Refunds can only be requested for unused Mobile Passes that were not offered as part of promotions *. Promotional passes * or (partially) used passes cannot be refunded.

We will reimburse 85% ** of the cost of your pass and keep 15% as cancellation fees.

* Certain promotional passes are refundable and exchangeable in a similar way to regular passes that are not offered as part of promotions. For this purpose, it must be expressly stated in the special offer that the promotional pass can be refunded or exchanged.

** If you bought the pass in combination with Plus, your pass will be 100% refunded. The cost of Plus is non-refundable.