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Smirnoff is a well-known Russian vodka brand owned and produced in the United States by the British company Diageo. The Smirnoff brand has its origins in a vodka distillery founded by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov (1831-1898) in Moscow. Today the Smirnoff vodka is sold in over 130 countries. There are production facilities, among others. in Albania, Brazil, Honduras, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mongolia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the USA. In 2014, Smirnoff was voted the world's best-selling vodka. In 2015 India's Officer's Choice took over Smirnoff Vodka and became the world's best-selling liquor brand. The vodka is made using a traditional charcoal filtration method developed by P.A. Smirnoff was developed. The later refined recipe goes back to P.A.'s son Vladimir, he developed it after fleeing Russia during the October Revolution.

History of Smirnoff vodka

Pyotr Arsenjevitch Smirnov founded his vodka distillery in Moscow in 1864 under the trade name PA Smirnoff. He pioneered charcoal filtration in the 1870s and became the first to use newspaper ads and charitable contributions to the clergy to avoid anti-vodka sermons. With it he conquered two thirds of the Moscow market by 1886. His brand was reportedly a favorite of the Tsar. When Pyotr died, he was succeeded by his third son Vladimir Smirnov (1875-1939). The company flourished, producing more than four million cases of vodka a year. In 1904 the Tsar nationalized the Russian vodka industry and Vladimir Smirnov was forced to sell his factory and brand. During the October Revolution of 1917, the Smirnov family had to flee the country. Vladimir Smirnov re-established a factory in Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1920. Four years later he moved to Lwów (formerly Poland, now Lemberg, Ukraine) and began to sell the vodka under the current French spelling of the name “Smirnoff”. The new product did not sell nearly as well as in Russia before 1904. Another distillery was founded in Paris in 1925.

In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Helmut Kohl signed a contract with Michail Gorbatschow. About the reunification of Germany, provided that the Soviet army was able to stay in East Germany due to an existing security agreement between the GDR and the USSR. Such agreements should be paid for by West Germany for three years. Suddenly 500,000 Soviet soldiers were paid in hard currency and had almost nothing left to do but drink. Then they spent their money on Marlboro cigarettes, Levi jeans, and vodka. The Smirnoff type of vodka made in the USA was particularly popular.

Smirnoff range

In addition to the classic vodka, Smirnoff brought a number of new products to the British and later to the European and North American markets from the end of the 90s. Which quickly became popular with young people, especially in the club scene.

Smirnoff Ice - a successful model

There are two different products with the name Smirnoff Ice. One that is mainly sold in France and the USA is a malt drink with citrus fruits (5.0% vol.). The other variant, which is sold in Europe (excluding France), Latin America, Australia and Canada and is much more popular, is a pre-mixed vodka drink. In addition to various other mixed drinks that have been introduced by Smirnoff in various countries in recent years, there is a line of 22 flavored vodkas (based on the No.21 Red Label) with the name "Twist" at the end of the product name. Flavors include green apple, orange, cranberry, raspberry, lemon, vanilla, strawberry, black cherry, watermelon, lime, blueberry, white grape, melon, pomegranate, passion fruit, pear, peach, pineapple, mango, coconut, and amaretto.

27 - Smirnoff Silver Label Vodka, 45.2%

55 - Smirnoff Black, 40% alcohol.

57 - Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka, 50% alcohol

63 - Smirnoff Twisted V Green Apple

64 - Smirnoff Ice Pomegranate, 5.5% alcohol content

66 - Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Burst, 5% alcohol

66 - Smirnoff Twisted V Raspberry

67 - Smirnoff Twisted V Mandarin Orange

68 - Smirnoff Twisted V Black Cherry

69 - Smirnoff Twisted V Watermelon

70 - Smirnoff Ice Watermelon

71 - Smirnoff Ice Triple Filtered, 5.6% alcohol content

72 - Smirnoff Ice, 5% alcohol.

73 - Smirnoff Black Ice, 7% alcohol.

74 - Smirnoff Ice Triple Black

75 - Smirnoff Ice Double Black.

76 - Smirnoff Ice.

83 - Smirnoff Ice Wild Grape, 5% alcohol

84 - Smirnoff Twist Arctic Berry

85 - Smirnoff Twisted Raspberry

97 - Smirnoff Ice Triple Filtered

98 - Smirnoff Dry Ice, 5% alcohol content

103 - Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry

110 - Smirnoff Ice Double Black & Cola

111 - Smirnoff Ice Double Black.