Why is seafood so luxurious in the Philippines?

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There are over 80 golf courses in the Philippines, which are located directly on the ocean, in cities or in the mountains. The tropical climate allows golfing to be practiced all year round.


Kayaks can be rented or entire tours can be booked on most islands and resorts. Beautiful lagoons and small bays can be reached by kayak.

Beaches and island hopping

There are wonderful beaches on almost every island in the Philippines. Particularly noteworthy are the beaches of Palawan around Sabang and El Nido as well as the islands of Cebu and Bohohl. White Sand Beach on Boracay is one of the most beautiful, albeit very lively, beaches. Island hopping in the Philippines is a great way to get to know several dream islands with perfect beaches. Especially in the Visayas archipelago, the individual islands can be reached by boat in just a few hours.


Both surfing and windsurfing are possible in the Philippines. The eastern islands such as Catanduanes or Siargao are particularly suitable for surfing. Many surf spots are accessible directly from the beach, others only by boat. The best conditions are found in the months between August and December.
The conditions for windsurfing are ideal on Boracay.


The constant winds in the Philippines make the archipelago the best sailing conditions. On a day trip or on a multi-day sailing trip, the island paradise shows itself from another side - with lonely bays and small villages that can only be reached by ship.


The dive sites in the Philippines are numerous, there is something to discover on every island. Best known among divers are Boracay, Bohohl, Coron, Subic Bay and Puerta Galera. Diving in the Philippines is suitable for all diving levels and preferences. The diving areas offer large fish such as sharks and manta rays, macro paradises, wreck diving, drift diving, intact coral worlds and steep walls.


The diving safaris in the islands of the Philippines offer even more focus on diving combined with island hopping. You get to know the islands from their untouched side.

Hiking and trekking

The varied nature offers various possibilities for hiking and trekking tours. Hikes in the mountainous volcanic landscape, jungle tours, trips to waterfalls and walks around rice fields.


Ziplining is another way of getting around from mountain to valley. These exciting zip lines can be tried on some islands in the Philippines such as El Nido.