The iPhone 5 will have a 3D camera

iPhone 5: release date, 3D camera and design - current news

In the last few days, speculation about the new iPhone 5 from Apple has been rampant. Hardly a day goes by without some news about the new smartphone. For this reason, we have briefly summarized the most important rumors. And the camera, design and release date are only the tip of the iceberg, as you can see in our news overview.

3D display and camera

Rumor has it that Apple's iPhone 5 will have a 3D display and camera. Due to the retina display, simple effects could be shown on the display by laying several thin visible layers on top of each other. From a technical point of view, this would not be a major problem, especially since the wider case and the flat lenses of the iPhone 5 would offer enough space for it. By capturing and displaying 3D images, Apple could bring numerous new functions to the smartphone.


The final design of the iPhone 5 could be seen on recently surfaced concept art. With a 4-inch display, it would be wider than its predecessor, but would offer a much larger visible area of ​​the display. The problem here could be the pixel density, which would drop to 320ppi, even if this does not play a major role for the human eye. The dimensions of the iPhone 5 also seem clear. It should have a width of 58mm and a length of 124mm. At 7.6mm, it would be even flatter than the previous model.

Release date

The iPhone 5 should come on the market in the fall. So far, experts have been convinced of an official presentation in September of what a release for October would have meant, but the latest forecasts look different. As a result, Apple could not announce the iPhone 5 together with iOS 6 until October at a special Apple event. In this case, fans would have to be prepared for a release in November or December.

Apple itself gives little or no information about the new iPhone 5, which is why fans have to rely on speculation from experts. Of course we will keep you up to date on all developments and rumors.

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