What do landlords look for during the inspection

Landlord's obligations: How you can minimize maintenance costs through forward-looking planning

Property marketing

Many investors invest in the misconception that renting out is a sure-fire success. It is important to avoid this mistake as much as possible. Because empty apartments are not uncommon, and if a property does not generate any income, the owner has to pay for loan installments or other items out of pocket. As a result, finances can get into serious trouble.

Every year, up to 60 percent of all landlords are confronted with vacancies simply by changing tenants. Experts therefore advise setting up an emergency fund. This should be around 20 percent of the property's value. To prevent vacancies, they recommend meaningful marketing and working with a competent broker.

How do you ideal tenant Find out how to find and bind long-term here.

The Landlord's Obligations During Maintenance Inspection

As a landlord, it is your duty to ensure the security and maintenance of your living space. If you fail to comply with this obligation and a resident is injured, he or she can sue for compensation.

This is why it makes sense to thoroughly check out the rental property in question before buying it Check professional allow. If it is an old building, the substance of the building must also be tested for pollutants such as asbestos or lead paint. Electrical refurbishment, repairs to the foundation and roof renewal may seem too costly to you. But in the long term, such preventive measures always pay off. Prioritize these basic tasks. There is still enough time later for minor, cosmetic repairs.

What are the obligations of the landlord with regard to repairs?

The landlord not only has to take care of the security of his property. Simple repairs are also part of his duties. Make sure to include expenses for plumbing, heating repairs and regular boiler maintenance in your budget. We recommend replacing older electrical devices. It is best to invest in a new boiler or kitchen appliance with a guarantee. This not only saves money and trouble, but also makes your property appear more attractive to potential tenants.

Insulation - obligations of the landlord

In many European countries, certain minimum requirements apply to energy efficiency. Landlords are obliged to meet these requirements. Depending on the condition of the respective residential property, more or less expensive renovation work is required. There are several ways that Increase energy efficiency. This includes, for example, the core insulation and the installation of double-glazed windows. In this way, you not only meet your obligations as a landlord, but also increase the value and attraction of your property at the same time. Most rental contracts provide for energy costs to be borne by the tenant. For this reason, well-insulated, economical objects enjoy great popularity. Investing in the energy efficiency of your rental apartment is therefore worthwhile for everyone involved.

In addition to setting up an emergency fund, repairs and maintenance work are among a landlord's primary duties. On our blog you can find numerous articles on the subject of rental propertiesThose who always stay up to date, keep an eye on costs and plan with foresight, have the edge as a landlord.