Do you only trust a hairdresser

10 sentences that hairdressers can no longer hear

They are masters of small talk and sometimes come to kiss the hand as a hobby psychologist for private problems - but these ten sentences will drive even the most patient hairdressers crazy!

Photo by Keren Perez on Unsplash

Like it or not, hairdressers are good at smalltalking. Yeah okay that "And? Were you on vacation this year?" could you sometimes save yourself, but have you ever thought about the fact that we guests are actually much worse? We asked hairdressers what they just couldn't hear anymore. These 10 sentences are at the top of the shit list:

1. "I want a total change. ... Oh, no, please don't cut that much, leave it for a long time ... Well, but you should see a good difference, please. Like now, just different."

Of course, hairdressers should also advise, but you should have a bit of an idea of ​​the desired result when going to the hairdressing salon. And, if you then say "Do what you want. I trust you", then mean (and hold the paperwork!).

2. "Cutting hair is not that difficult."

In itself it is pejorative enough, but the crown of boldness is added to the whole thing with the following sentence: "I still remember: in the past my grandma always cut my hair."

3. "I didn't wash my hair on purpose."

... eh because? So again just as a rule of thumb: The hair can neither be better dyed nor better cut with an additional layer of fat. And just because your hair is washed in the salon doesn't mean you have to show up with the horrific hair.


4. "I would like platinum blonde."

Pronounced by a person with jet black hair. But don't be surprised if the bleaching corrodes your scalp, right?

5. "I got that on YouTube seen differently. "

Yes, there should actually be people who are influencers YouTube trust more than a professional when it comes to balayage.

6. "Until now nobody has got the hair the way I wanted."

Translated this means: "I am extremely critical and no matter what you do now, I have always found something to suspend." But hey, no pressure, right?


7. "So the hairdresser ..."

It's called a hairdresser or hair stylist. Not a hairdresser. Can we all manage it? OK thanks.

8. "I brought my own shampoo."

In principle, this is not a problem in most salons. Of course, it is not welcomed. Especially not if your own shampoo is a mixture of flour, yeast and beer.

9. "A maximum of two and a half millimeters. No more, please!"

Really amazing, but extremely many people seem to have a really deep bond with broken ends of their hair ...

10. "Just like here, please!"

* shows a photo of Beyoncé wearing seven wigs that were styled by a 12-person styling team *