Which dog has the loudest bark?


If you are looking for a dog to guard your front door or keep intruders out of your yard, the volume of the dog barking is certainly a consideration. Not many burglars have turned away from their nefarious deeds because of a small bark on the other side of the door. Large barks usually indicate large dogs, and most people prefer to move on than assume the large dog on the other side of the gate is a teddy bear in Rottweiler's clothes. To understand the loudest dog barking, one needs to know how humans hear sounds, and dog barks in general.

Bred to bark

The general rule for barking is this: Bigger dogs have bigger bark. This is true in most cases (Great Danes have massive barges, for example), some breeds are bred with bark. Guarding breeds like German shepherds, rottweilers, doberman pinschers and Bullmastiffs Because of years of selective breeding, they have massive bark for the job of protecting people and their property from intruders. Any dog ​​barking can be loud, but large dogs bred for protection usually end up near the decibel scale.

Why dogs bark

If you have a dog, you have probably noticed that it has more than one type of bark. There's the "Someone's at the door" bark, the "Kick me the ball" bark, and the "Why did you lock me in the closet" bark. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons including boredom, fear, confusion, a need for attention, and just for fun. You will bark the loudest when the dog tries to intimidate, which usually happens when the dog is being protected or scared.

Measure the decibels

While some dogs sound like they're barking loudly, the way people interpret a sound isn't always related to its actual volume. High barks often seem louder due to their pervasive nature, while low barks are less intrusive to human ears but could be louder in terms of raw decibels. Choosing the loudest dog breeds requires that the bark be measured in terms of decibel count. It is worth noting that any sound above 85 decibels is considered potentially harmful to the human ear, and many dogs are able to surpass this threshold with their powerful bark.

The world record

The current world record for loudest dog barking belongs to Daz, a German shepherd dog with a powerful 108 decibel roar. Daz's record was set at a special press event for the Disney film Bolt in 2009 and was endorsed by the Guinness Book of Records. Daz's owner was sure to thank the postwoman for giving Daz something to bark every day - much-needed practice on his way to the record. This number of decibels is only a little louder than a motorcycle or a motor mower.

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