How can I reach Australia

Bachelor / Transfer Bachelor in Australia

The Bachelor studies in Australia can, as in Europe, be completed within three years of attaining higher education entrance qualification at most universities in Australia. Students can choose from all areas of study, both those that exist in Europe and some that are only offered Down Under. The exact structure of the content of a Bachelor's degree is very different depending on the subject area and degree of specialization. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the courses precisely.
Due to the time structure of some universities, whose academic year is divided into three semesters, there is also the possibility of a full bachelor's degree in Australia within two years to complete and thus shorten the duration of studies by one year compared to Germany.

All Bachelor programs in Australia and New Zealand meet international standards and are recognized worldwide.

Bachelor after the International Baccalaureate

With the International Baccalaureate (IB), the international high school diploma, one has a globally recognized school leaving certificate, which can bring some advantages when applying for a bachelor’s degree at universities in Australia.
Basically, the International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized by all Australian universities and one can apply for Bachelor programs with this degree. In addition, numerous universities even give graduates with top marks in the IB final exams a special incentive: They can complete their studies in a shorter time, as several of the IB courses are equivalent to some introductory university courses and can therefore be recognized. If the grades are in English, the otherwise required language test is not required.

Transfer Bachelor

An interesting option for students who started their studies in Germany and would like to continue in Australia is the transfer bachelor's degree, i.e. a change of university during their studies.
At the transfer bachelor's degree, you apply for a bachelor's program in the normal way, but at the same time you apply for recognition of your academic achievements at your home university. Recognition is based on the equivalence of the two courses. Depending on their equivalence, up to three semesters can be recognized. In order to graduate from an Australian university, however, at least half of the course (at least one and a half years) must be completed in Australia.
Since the application process for recognition of academic achievements is somewhat more complicated, we strongly recommend speaking to a GOstralia! Study advisor before applying.

Honors Degree

The Bachelor of Honors is a degree that can be found in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. After three years of study, the honors degree requires a fourth year of study, which, in addition to lectures and seminars, is primarily intended for writing a comprehensive thesis, the honors thesis. This is about a further technical specialization of the bachelor's degree. Not every Bachelor graduate automatically has the opportunity to join an honors degree. The prerequisite for admission is good to very good academic performance during the previous study period. As a rule, students are nominated by the Australian university after successfully completing their bachelor's degree to complete the honors year.