Mega Man is a human

Mega Man 10

Game description:
The year is 20XX. The world is plagued by a terrible disease called "Roboenza". This infection affects all robots that turn against their human owners and seemingly try to usurp world domination. Since people now live completely dependent on robots, no one is able to develop an antidote to the rampant epidemic. At this very moment, Mega Man’s archenemy Dr. Wily up and tries to explain to the android that he was on the verge of developing a healing substance when malicious robots stole his "medicine-making" machine. Despite some skepticism, Mega Man and his friend Proto Man set out to free the wondrous machine from the clutches of the robots.

The player takes on the role of the androids Mega- or Proto Man and has to fight his way through eight linear levels, at the end of which a boss is waiting for the protagonists. If this is defeated, he bequeaths his characteristic main weapon to the player, which is then available in the further course of the adventure. Before facing the final boss, the player has to fight his way through a particularly tricky boss level.
The player follows the action from a classic two-dimensional perspective. In order to defeat the opponents who appear in the game, the so-called "Mega Blaster" is available to the player at the beginning of the adventure. This weapon can be imagined as a kind of prosthesis of the right arm and gives Mega Man its characteristic appearance. While there is unlimited ammunition for this weapon, the weapons obtained later in the game have limited shot. During the level different goodies lying around can be collected, which for example recharge the energy of the android or increase the supply of screws, which can be exchanged for useful aids in a shop.

If just playing through the game is not enough for you, you can put your skills to the test in the "Time Attack" and "Challenges" modes. The former allows you to complete the individual levels with all available special weapons. The main aim here is to complete the level in the shortest possible time, which, if successful, is rewarded with an entry in the highscore list published on the Internet. The latter offers the player various challenges in the individual levels or in special sections specially designed for this purpose. An example is the task "Mr Perfect", in which individual levels have to be completed without being hit by opposing robots. As a reward for successfully completing a challenge, trophies are awarded that polish up the player's profile in comparison to other users.

Pedagogical assessment:

Easier entry into retro worlds
Anyone who has already dealt with another part of the "Mega Man" series shouldn't have any problems getting into the action. Only two buttons and the control pad are still required for the basic actions of jumping, shooting and running. With the shoulder buttons R1 and L1, the additional weapons of the defeated bosses can be switched through without going through the pause menu, which is especially important in the "Time Attack" mode. As in the other parts, the quality of the controls is still excellent. The character can be maneuvered precisely and comprehensibly through the levels at any time. However, this is also sorely needed because the game has an extremely high level of difficulty. In order to pass the level a few attempts are often not enough, as outrageously common opponents alternate with incredibly difficult skill passages. However, in contrast to the predecessor, the developers show at least a bit of mercy for less experienced video players, in which a beginner-friendly "Easy Mode" with a significantly lower level of difficulty has been integrated as an alternative to the hellishly difficult "Normal Mode". This fact can be rated very positively, as it gives beginners in particular the chance to succumb to the undoubtedly existing charm of the demanding homage to jump & run classics.

Fascination vs. Frustration
One of the game's great strengths is the creative and demanding level design. Each section of the game is character-wise adapted to the respective final boss. The world of the undercooled "Chill Man", for example, consists of a rough ice landscape, whereas the protagonist is driven through the searing heat of a nuclear reactor on the way to the final boss "Solar Man". The graphics remain true to the 8-bit style of the predecessor. This circumstance should especially please more experienced players who already spent the night with the "Mega Man" titles on the Game Boy or Super Nintendo in the mid-nineties. Despite the beginner-friendly "Easy Mode", the title primarily appeals to this generation. The communication of the graphics, which seem relatively rudimentary despite all the creativity in the level design, to younger video players who grew up in the HD age should be difficult due to the lack of reference to the subject. Another point that speaks against the long-term employment of children and young people with "Mega Man 10" is the high level of difficulty already mentioned. Since many newer games can be adapted or automatically adapted to the skills of the player at any time, numerous moments of frustration are put to a stop in advance. This means that in most cases it is also possible for beginners to bring the game to a successful conclusion. When dealing with "Mega Man 10" it is essential to adapt to the high level of difficulty. Moments of frustration are inevitable here. Especially for impatient youngsters, this fact can lead to the absolute brakes on playing fun, which can be a nuisance due to the undoubtedly high quality of the product. In this case, the interested, younger gamer should have an adult as a companion who has a certain calm and experience in dealing with video games of the older generation. If this is possible, the fascination of "Mega Man" can also be opened up to players without an "Android" background.

Acoustic nostalgia
The retro sound ties in seamlessly with the direction taken by the predecessors and makes fans of older video games beat faster with the characteristic midi compositions. Even if the sounds do not quite reach the earworm potential of a "Mega Man 9", it is worth listening more closely in order to grasp the complexity of the seemingly simple soundscape. For nostalgics a successful setting for a motivating gaming experience.

"Mega Man 10" breaks with the developments of current video games, which primarily strive for high complexity and graphic perfection. As in the previous version "Mega Man 9" (test of Mega Man 9), which was released last year, the developers pay homage to older jump & run games. The characteristics of that time of a very high level of difficulty and a catchy 8-bit sound are also integrated into the current adventure of the successful series of games. The high level of difficulty should be an obstacle, especially for impatient players with a tendency to entertaining gaming fun. On the positive side, it should be emphasized that the developers have integrated a very beginner-friendly "Easy Mode" into the game, which should especially benefit people with little experience in handling video games.
If there is enough patience and an affinity for retro games, "Mega Man 10" is recommended for young people aged 14 and over.