What is the best lawn mower under 350

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One garden, lots of lawnmowers!

Anyone looking for the right lawnmower is initially faced with a wide and varied range. There are many different models. Big, small, with motor, without motor, battery, gasoline, electric drive and for the large landowners even ride-on mowers. Robotic lawnmowers are also becoming more and more popular. How can you find the right one for your purposes from this variety of products? This guide serves as a guide to find your way around the lawnmower jungle. You will also find summaries of lawnmower tests of current products on this page!
Statements that size is not critical are simply not true. At least when it comes to the lawn to be worked on. Because in order to maintain them properly and, above all, comfortably, the size and performance of the lawnmower should also be selected accordingly. Cordless, light and manoeuvrable mowers are best for small, angled areas. If you want to trim a large green area, you can rely on engine power and a correspondingly large cutting width. Ultimately, of course, the price is also decisive. Cheaper models are easy on the wallet, but are often not the best choice in terms of quality.

Electric lawn mower

Electric lawnmowers are suitable for medium-sized (up to approx. 500 m²) and easily accessible areas. Compared to petrol lawnmowers, they are more ecological, quieter and much easier to care for. The machines are also easier to handle thanks to their lower weight. The biggest shortcoming, however, is the cable connection required to supply the electric lawnmower with power. The cable is not only annoying when it comes to trees and bushes, but also cuts through quickly with the sharp lawnmower knife. Therefore, electric mowers are more suitable for even and less angled surfaces. These devices are priced from around 50 euros.

Petrol lawn mower

They are the classic among lawn shorteners: Powerful Nobody can do anything to them so quickly. On the other hand, they are a little less popular in the neighborhood due to their volume. The weight is also significantly higher than that of other lawnmowers. Most petrol engines are started using a cable. The more convenient methods are an electric starter, turnkey ignition or even a starter button. However, these models are also in a different league in terms of price - but they are more user-friendly. It is important to pay particular attention to the regular filling of gasoline and engine oil. Anyone who decides on a powerful petrol lawnmower should plan at least 250 euros for the purchase.

Cordless lawn mower

No tangled cables, but freedom of movement and plenty of power under the hood. Cordless lawnmowers are not only the more comfortable electric lawnmowers, but also the environmentally friendly alternative to petrol lawnmowers. At the same time, good cordless lawnmowers even take on petrol engines in terms of performance. However, the noise level is well below that of their "roaring" petrol colleagues.
When choosing the right cordless lawn mower, you should pay particular attention to the performance of the battery. How long the battery supplies the lawnmower with power depends to a large extent on the engine power of the machine. Lithium-ion batteries provide full power for around an hour. In order not to have to divide the mowing into two, three or even more sections, the charging time of the battery should also be kept in mind. Newer models require a considerably shorter charging time than their predecessors. A replacement battery is also recommended. Cordless lawnmowers are available from around 150 euros.

Ride-on lawn mower

From a lawn area of ​​approx. 1,000 m², the pushing and pulling of the Lawnmower enormously complex. The solution: sit. And that is possible on a lawn tractor or - as the devices are also called - riding lawn mowers. Before deciding to buy, you should consider the importance of maneuverability and precision for garden maintenance. Because both can only be achieved to a limited extent with a ride-on lawn mower. The lawn should not be peppered with too many "obstacles" in order to be able to work comfortably with a lawn tractor. We also recommend a speed regulator with which the mower can be controlled in a targeted manner. In order to be able to swing on the saddle of a ride-on lawn mower, an investment of at least 1,000 euros is necessary.

Lawn mower robot

The increasingly popular robotic lawn mowers get by without any human effort. Once programmed, many models start their work on their own. However, some preparations have to be made for this. So that the robot knows which areas it is allowed to mow, the permitted areas must be marked in advance with a demarcation cord. The device's sensor then detects the boundary and redirects the robotic lawnmower. With this function, the robot also avoids obstacles. The grass is finely shredded by a robot lawn mower and applied to the lawn as a natural fertilizer (mulching function, see below). If the battery is weak or if the job is done, the robot lawn mower automatically returns to the charging station. High-quality models even mow the lawn in accurate paths and do not drive around arbitrarily, even over areas that have already been cut. So that you can sit comfortably on the terrace while the robot takes over the lawn care, you have to expect expenses of 700 euros or more.

Reel lawnmower

Without noise, without complicated technology, but a fine, precise and Gentle cutting of the lawn - these are cylinder lawnmowers. With the option of setting very low cutting heights, the classic "English lawn" can be achieved. Scissor-shaped blades rotate around an axis when pushed and reliably trim the green. However, they are much more sensitive than lawnmowers equipped with sickle blades, as the blades can easily be deformed by stones and other foreign objects. The mobility is the great trump card of the light devices. They are particularly suitable for smaller lawns up to approx. 250 m². Cylinder lawnmowers are already available for around 30 euros.

What to look for when buying a lawn mower

Grass catcher
In order not to have to collect the clippings after mowing, a grass catcher is useful for many devices. These often have a level indicator, so you never miss the right time to empty. A good guide to freeing up space in the basket is also when the lawnmower leaves smaller amounts of clippings on the green. In order not to have to interrupt constantly - after all, you want to make progress - you should also pay attention to the capacity of the grass catcher. The simple basic rules apply here: large garden, large basket and small garden, small basket.

Many lawnmower models come with an ergonomic handlebar fitted. This offers more comfort when pushing the device and at the same time ensures a healthy working posture. Some lawnmowers even have a storage compartment integrated into the handlebar. However, too much should not be stored here, as otherwise it is no longer possible to work properly without something falling down. Particularly practical lawnmowers can also be easily transported and stored in a space-saving manner thanks to a foldable handlebar.

Housing material
While electrically operated devices are often equipped with a plastic housing - which has a positive effect on the weight of the lawnmower - petrol lawnmowers have a steel chassis. This makes the machines more robust and easier to care for, but handling suffers enormously due to the higher weight.

Mulching function
If you want to fertilize your lawn in a natural way, you should opt for a lawnmower with a mulching function. For some, the necessary mulching wedge is already included in the scope of delivery. Otherwise it is available as an accessory for many mowers. If you convert the lawnmower to a mulcher, the knife will shred the grass particularly finely and apply it to your lawn as a moisturizing fertilizer.

Cutting width and cutting height adjustment
The cutting width is an important criterion when choosing the right lawn mower. Pay attention to the size of your lawn. Many lawnmowers also have a staggered design, which enables mowing close to the edge. This avoids laborious re-trimming of the lawn edges. An integrated lawn comb ensures that the knife can penetrate to the edge of your garden.
Individuality is required. Just don't swim with the crowd. This also applies to mowing the lawn. With many models, the length of the lawn can be determined. With the cutting height adjustment, which is often in the center, you can regulate the distance between the mower blade and the lush greenery. The variety of these setting options depends primarily on the model and quality of the lawnmower.

Safety devices
Many lawnmowers have an integrated bracket switch on the handlebar. If this is released, the machine stops immediately and the knife comes to a standstill.

Wheel drive
Hilly, uneven terrain is sometimes difficult to mow. It is also particularly difficult with muscle power. There are lawnmowers for this, the rear wheels of which have an additional drive. This often accelerates the devices to around 3.5 km / h, the typical walking speed.

Large rear wheels and small front wheels are now standard on many lawnmower models. This makes handling much easier. Even demanding mowing work, such as on uneven lawns and tall grass, can be mastered more easily. High-quality models even have wheels with ball bearings.

Water hose connection
Leading manufacturers are now equipping their top models with a practical connection for the water hose. You can use it to clean the lawnmower perfectly. But these models also have their price.

The right time to mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn makes noise. In order to prevent possible trouble with neighbors and residents, the period during which mowing is permitted is regulated by law by the so-called lawnmower noise ordinance. The use of motorized lawn mowers (including electric motors) is permitted on working days from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is prohibited all day on Sundays and public holidays. The regulation can vary from state to state. Therefore, ideally, find out about the regulations in your federal state separately.

The right length of lawn

Basically, it is advisable to mow the lawn only when it is dry. The most suitable cutting height for your lawn depends on whether it is an ornamental or a useful lawn. If you trim a garden that is used for playing, barbecuing, sunbathing and other purposes, a lawn length of three to five centimeters makes sense. To ensure that the stalks are trimmed particularly cleanly, you should use sharp knives.

With ornamental lawns, the lawn cut can be a little deeper. However, it should not be mowed shorter than three centimeters. Because a short cut damages the grass plants. It is better to mow the lawn regularly. In spring, when the grass is growing, it is advisable to cut once a week. In hot and dry weather, however, you can reduce the amount of lawn mowing. However, too long a lawn is also detrimental to the growth of the grass plants. These then do not form new side shoots and the lawn becomes patchy, which in turn offers space for weeds and moss.