What is a PR specialist

What is PR (Public Relations) and why is it so important? Expert interview

PR expert Mustafa Uçar explains what the term is all about and everything else you need to know about it!

What is PR

PR stands for public relations, or in German public relations, and regulates the relationships between an organization and its own target group through strategic communication.

PR is therefore responsible for the management of communication processes between an organization and its target groups. This can primarily be customers, but also employees, suppliers, journalists.

What is PR not?

PR is not the same as advertising! While advertising is intended to boost the sale of products and services in the short term, PR is designed for the long term and should create a positive emotional environment.

Why should investments be made in PR in 2020?

PR is an integral part of running a successful company or organization. Because public relations make a significant contribution to business success.

A company that is well known, a strong one image and who is trusted by customers, will sell its products more and more easily and has a higher company value.

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When should you invest in PR?

PR should be used to change the image of a brand, to reach new target groups, to form opinions or to focus attention on a certain topic.

Customer trust can be strengthened, as can the relationships between business partners. PR creates transparency, which is very important to customers.

What makes a good PR agency? What should you watch out for?

First of all, it has to be determined which communication tasks have to be performed.

Do you want to show competence globally with a broad spectrum of action for a variety of corporate tasks?

Or do you want to score points with an offer in certain areas?

A good PR agency should have a perfect command of all modern forms of communication, be very well networked in the media landscape and know in which form the respective medium wants the content to be prepared.

Likewise, a good PR agency should really listen to the customer and correctly recognize his wishes.

Your conclusion?

For me, the classic book “PR is better advertising” is more topical than ever. Because it's just incredibly important to build a good reputation for a company with good storytelling.

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