Why does plant growth occur

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Light - important for plant growth
January 1, 2016

A plant can exist if it has enough light available. Problems arise when there is a lack of light. The expert from the Bavarian Garden Academy explains why.

In winter, many indoor plants suffer from the prevailing conditions: insufficient light and temperatures that are too high for the plant. However, light is an important engine of growth.

Light - important for plant growth

Every day I pick up fallen leaves from my tub and houseplants. What could be the cause for this?

The possible causes are a lack of nutrients, too much and / or too little water. Often, however, temperatures that are too high and too little light are the cause.

How is this combination of “high temperature with too little light” to be understood?

Most living rooms are heated to around 22 ° C to make you feel good. The plant stands decoratively in the room, the window of which is also adorned with a curtain. Despite the sunshine, only a small amount of light reaches the rooms and thus the plant. If the distance (window / plant) is doubled, the light intensity is reduced to a quarter.

Leaf losses also occur directly on the windowsill. What is the cause here?

The main problem here is the dry heating air from the radiators, which are mounted below the window sill. The plant has to evaporate more water than it can absorb through the roots. The warm, dry heating air circulates continuously past the plants and literally soaks up the evaporated water. In addition, various pests feel particularly at home there, especially the spider mite.

What does light actually do in the plant?

The plant can only assimilate with light, i. H. Only with light can the plant process the nutrients it has absorbed and form reserve substances and oxygen. In variegated plants, the dye overlays the green components of the plant cells. Such plants turn green when there is a lack of light. Light also dictates the direction of growth. Indoor plants should therefore be rotated regularly so that they continue to grow straight. The length of the day also affects the plant. Quite a few plant species need short days for them to form flower buds and bloom. Other species, on the other hand, want long days. And other types of plants don't care, they almost always bloom. The lack of light is particularly problematic when growing your own young vegetable plants. Usually you start growing too early, and thus when there is a lack of light and the young plants become too long.