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The smallest ferry in Germany

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The smallest ferry in Germany operates in Schleswig-Holstein. It connects Seester in the Pinneberg district and Kronsnest in the Steinburg district. It has been back in operation since 1993. The ferry boat was built from oak according to the historical model. The translation is done as always by so-called sculling with a strap. Cyclists save almost 20 kilometers of travel with the ferry.

On busy days, the small ferry goes back and forth up to 80 times. The men cross over, the women run the "Sööte Eck" bicycle service station. During the ferry season, there is fresh coffee, waffles and homemade cakes on Sundays and public holidays. In addition, the tiny museum "Stöpenkieker" invites you to changing exhibitions.

The men and women from the ferry company promise "comfortable cosiness". NDR 90.3 reporter Jacqueline Heemann experienced it like this: "The volunteer ferry friends are all very funny and always up for a chat. Somehow it is like a village meeting: many regular guests, many Kronsnester - and everyone helps out."

The best way to get to the Kronsnest ferry is by bike - there is almost no space for cars. In addition, Kronsnest is right on the Elbe Cycle Path.


Ferry station Kronsnest 7, 25335 Neuendorf, phone: (04121) 21 399 (from 6 p.m.)

Directions from Hamburg by train and bike:
You can either take the regional train to Elmshorn by bike and then take the Elbe Cycle Path to Kronsnest, cross over and drive back to Elmshorn. Or you can do the longer tour of around 36 kilometers, take the S1 to Wedel and then - also on the Elberadweg - via Kronsnest to Elmshorn (HVV timetable information).

Ferry operating times:
May 1st to October 3rd

Museum "Stöpenkieker":
Open on Sundays and public holidays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., admission is free

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