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Child and dog

Child and dog - a subject that must always be handled with care. Children are often unaware of what their adventurous spirit may be doing to a puppy or even an adult dog. As well as knowing each other, do not leave your dog unattended with children. Most accidents do not happen out of the animal's will, but rather through a moment of shock, out of fear or in defense. So that your child gets on well with dogs, we have written down eight rules that are intended to make it easier for children to interact with dogs. Show your child this page, read it to them or print out the page as a reminder.

1. Always treat a dog as you would like to be treated yourself.

You certainly don't like being teased or hurt. A dog doesn't like that either. He'll tell you in his own way to stop - he'll growl or fight his teeth. The friendship between you two is over - that would be a shame!

2. Always ask the owner first if you can touch his dog.

Many dogs like to play with children. But there are also very many who are not used to children or who have had bad experiences with them. All this only knows the dog owner, who is sure to be impressed by you if you ask beforehand. Also, don't go alone to see a dog with puppies, a dog that is sleeping, or a dog that is tied up in front of a shop. There could be misunderstandings: Mum-bitch defends her children, the sleeping dog is frightened and the one in front of the shop feels left alone and is insecure.

3. Proper petting shows whether you are a dog connoisseur.

First hold out your hand to a dog to sniff, then stroke him under the chin and the side of the ears. Don't touch the top of his head right away - he could look up to see what happens and his teeth are really close to your fingers. Hugging and hugging can be too much for a dog, too. Just think of the adults who want to hug and kiss you all the time - yuck! So if you find a dog crouching and wanting to get away from you, let him go.

4. Never look a dog straight in the eye.

Dogs stare each other in the eye to see who is the stronger. That is, you challenge him to fight like this. And believe me, he's the stronger - you are by far the smarter. Avoid anything that a dog could perceive as a threat: for example, walking directly towards him or walking towards him with a raised stick or tennis racket, or pulling on his tail, ears, forelegs or fur. You also don't like it when your fur - uh, sweater is pulled on.

5. Never run away from or past a dog - even if you are scared.

Dogs love to hunt, and they are bound to be faster than you. So if you run fast, a dog may think that you are something of a "rabbit on two legs" to grab. Better stand still, turn away from him and try to stay calm. Do not scream or wave your arms - because things that no longer move are usually boring for dogs.

6. Never disturb a dog while eating.

Eating is very important for a dog. If you disturb him or take his food away, he can get very angry. Just like you probably yourself if your bread is stolen from you. If he eats, only go to him if your parents are careful. Also, don't take away a dog's toy or anything that's in its mouth. Dogs grip tighter when you pull on the objects they are holding with their teeth. Unfortunately, this also applies to your sweater or your hand if it has just snatched it. Now you are not allowed to pull, you just have to keep very still until he lets go again. (After that you all decide in the family to raise your dog a little better. Human skin and clothing should be taboo for dog teeth - he has to learn that.)

7. Only play with a dog if there is an adult.

Dogs often forget when playing that children are not as strong as other dogs. They get more and more impetuous and then don't listen to you. It is therefore important that an adult help if necessary. (This is the next exercise for everyone in the family - your dog learns to play "politely" with you.)

8. Never try to separate dogs that are fighting.

No matter whether dogs are just playing wildly with each other or really fighting, please don't play the referee. You can get bitten very quickly. Don't yell around either, get help - preferably the dog owners.