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How much does a UX designer earn?

How much does a UX designer earn? Many of our readers are likely to ask themselves this or a similar question from time to time. Regardless of whether you are starting a new job or the next salary negotiation, you keep wondering how much you can ask. After all, you don't want to lie too deep and thus potentially feel underpaid, nor do you want to overshoot the target and appear dubious.

To shed light on this issue, I have sought professional assistance from those who need to know. Patrick Klug, Head of Product B2C at and his colleague Artur Jagiello, Head of Communication, looked through the database of with me and analyzed what UX designers earn. is the leading salary portal in German-speaking countries and offers employees the opportunity to fill out an anonymous questionnaire with information on current earnings and other details. In return for this, the user receives comparative data from similar employees and can thus get an idea of ​​the salary range in his professional field.

Who is the “UX Designer”?

Answering the question about the salary range of UX Designer was not easy insofar as the fragmentation of job and position titles is very large, especially in UXD. We therefore looked at the questionnaires of users who indicated one of the following positions / activities:

  • UX design
  • User interface design
  • UI design
  • concept
  • UX architect
  • UX concept
  • UX / media design

In total, we came to 166 data sets from the last 12 months, enough to be able to make a reasonable statement.

And what does a UX designer earn now?

Ok, now to the numbers. The average salary of a UX designer is according to the data from

EUR 51,835

This information is not uninteresting in and of itself, but the earnings usually depend on various factors. We have taken a closer look at three of these factors below.

One of the most important things for earnings, one would think, is relevant professional experience - that is, experience in the relevant field of activity. Indeed, a UX designer who has been in the business for more than 9 years earns an average of 63,955 €. On the other hand, young professionals who have less than 3 years of experience in UX design earn an average of only € 41,536.

Not exactly surprising, but in the differences it is astonishing what influence the size of the company has on the level of earnings. UX designers in large companies with over 1000 employees earn an average of € 68,640 - around 54% more than employees in small companies with fewer than 100 employees who earn an average of € 44,637.

There are certainly many attempts to explain this. On the one hand, startups and agencies in particular are among the small companies and both types of companies are not known for the best pay. Perhaps, however, the experienced designers are also increasingly driven to large companies, where they can expect more security, (perhaps) less stress and a higher salary.

Our final analysis relates to the earning potential by city. Here, too, there is a sometimes clear difference in average salaries, especially in the east-west divide. While a UX designer in Leipzig earns an average of only 40,017 €, his colleague from Frankfurt receives an average of 57% more, more precisely 62,876 €. While Munich's UX designers earn about as much as the Frankfurters, UXers from Hamburg are in the midfield with an average of € 51,939, followed by the capital with an average of € 47,118.


Not every UX designer earns the same amount. In addition to professional experience, the size of the company and the city in which you work play a major role in your salary. We hope that the figures presented give you a rough guide for the next salary negotiation.

Thanks again to Patrick and Artur from for the numbers! And so that they get even better, please fill out the questionnaire - as a thank you for this, you will receive concrete comparative salaries from similar users.

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