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You don't kill a dead man! In a desperate attempt to regain her little sister's lost soul, Valkyrie Unruh turns against the sanctuary. And there's nothing Skulduggery can do to stop them. Meanwhile, Abyssinia is planning something great: a night of magic, terror and bloodshed. Now it is Omen Darkly's job to save the lives of thousands of innocent people. He's REALLY not ready for it yet. But the madness is already breaking through. When previously hidden enemies emerge, there are only two options: Omen must finally become the hero he never wanted to be - or die heroically. The cult series continues. Because a little thing like the grand finale of his series about the magic skeleton detective couldn't stop bestselling author Derek Landy from thinking up more stories about Skulduggery Pleasant.

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Derek Landy, born in 1974, worked as a karate teacher and screenwriter before he came up with the idea for his successful Skulduggery Pleasant books. The series has been translated into 35 languages, has received multiple awards and has stormed the bestseller lists around the world. Derek Landy lives near Dublin in a house crammed with movie props. He is particularly proud of his original super man costume. Click here for Derek Landy's blog

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