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The mill in Koselbruch is no ordinary mill, it is also a black school where the miller's boys are taught magic, black magic.

Every Friday evening the miller's boys turn into ravens and sit on the pole in the master’s black chamber. Then the master reads to them from the Koraktor, the “Höllenzwang”, a book with black pages and white letters that contains all the magic spells in the world. It's on a chain on the table in the middle of the black chamber next to the skull with the red candle. Only the master is allowed to read it.

In each magic lesson, the master reads the instructions and the magic formula three times in a singing tone, which sounds incomprehensible and threatening. Then the raven-shaped mill miners have to repeat the proverbs and formulas one after the other. From week to week they learn how to dry up a well, how to blow the flour dust out of the grinding room, how to transform into an animal, how to grow mushrooms, how boards can be lengthened, how to make it snow how to make others believe they are being chased by wild dogs, how to "get out of yourself" and much more.

But the master does not force the boys to study. He teaches them every Friday, but he doesn't seem to care how much they remember.

The miller's boys can use the magic they have learned in a wide variety of situations. In fact, they could do almost any work by magic, but they don't because if you don't do anything with your own hands, life would be boring and unbearable.

Some spells are also dangerous to whoever casts them. For example, if a miller turns into a horse or an ox in order to be sold at the market, you have to remove the cord from his neck before the sale, otherwise he cannot change back afterwards. Or if you “go out of yourself”, you can only do this at night and have to return to your body before sunrise. If you don't do that, your own body will remain closed forever and will be buried as dead, while you yourself have to wander around forever without ever being able to show yourself again.

Black magic is powerful, but it is not invincible. Juro once said to Krabat: “There is a kind of magic that you have to learn with great effort: That is how it is written in the Koraktor, sign by sign and formula after formula. And then there is one that grows from the depths of your heart: from worrying about someone you love. I know this is difficult to understand - but you should trust it, Krabat. "

That other kind of sorcery that is good and comes from love wins in the end. With their help, the Kantorka can defeat the master and free Krabat and the other millers.

If you want to know more about the magic of the Black School, just read Krabat's book for yourself!

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