Whose empire is greater than that of Alexander

Alexander rich vs Mongols rich?

All you have to do is look at a map: the Mongol Empire was bigger - it was actually the largest that has ever existed.

In both cases we are dealing with classic, imperial conquests.

Alexander, however, has conquered a much larger empire from a fairly small base (Greece) in less time than anyone after him.

On the one hand, he achieved this through ingenious strategies and tactics, combined with very clever politics and a lot of luck (he had a stupid opponent). At the same time, however, he was also a gambler - a man whose goal was conquest without really protecting himself against the consequences of failure.

And as quickly as he built his empire, with his death it split into 4 states, 3 of which existed for a long time.

The Mongols (Genghis Khan (gives all possible spellings) attacked China first and had about the same advantages as Alexander against Persia: ingenious strategy and tactics, clever politics and a stupid opposing side.

In contrast to Alexander, D.K. but much longer and created a functioning state out of the conquests, which remained in the "business of conquest" even after his death.

With sufficient basic power in the background, combined with few scruples, it is not that difficult to put down every neighbor who does not cuddle.

The Mongols did this quite successfully - with a few mistakes that ultimately became their undoing, and they did so pretty quickly.

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