Is Atom an IDE or a text editor

GitHub's text editor Atom gets IDE functions

The cross-platform open source editor Atom is to gradually receive IDE-typical functions. For this purpose, GitHub has now released the first variant of a plug-in called Atom IDE. This is a collection of optional packages that were created in collaboration with Facebook.

To start with, the makers concentrated on syntax functions. The plug-in thus offers context-dependent autocompletion and functions for navigating through the code, with which developers can jump directly to the definition of a called function or, conversely, find all references to a method.

Connection with the Language Server Protocol

For this purpose, Atom-IDE uses the Language Server Protocol, which Codenvy, Microsoft and Red Hat first introduced in the summer of 2016 and which, among other things, also uses Microsoft's editor Visual Studio Code. It abstracts the syntax-dependent functions of the individual programming languages ​​so that not every tool has to implement the language-specific features. The first release of the Atom extension contains packages for C # (ide-csharp), Java (ide-java), JavaScript and TypeScript (ide-typescript), Flow (ide-flowtype) and PHP (ide-php). Language server packages for which there are no direct connections to Atom can be used via the atom-languageclient.

Further details can be found on the Atom blog. To use the advanced features, developers must first view View | Call Install Packages and Themes and the atom-ide-ui-Install the package. You can then set up the packages for the desired programming languages. The blog post recommends using Atom 1.21, which is currently only available as a pre-release version via the Beta Channel. For the future, GitHub is planning packages for other programming languages. At the top of the list are probably Rust, Go and Python. (rme)

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