How to say necklace in Spanish

Translation of "necklace" in spanish

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No signal from Miss Underwoods a necklace.
No hay señal del collar de la Srta. Underwood.
And my fingerprints on Brookes a necklace.
Y mis huellas están sobre el collar de Brooke.
Everything including the a necklace my grandmother.
Todas ellas, incluyendo el colgante de mi abuela.
No, we will be mine a necklace not lose weight.
A golden one a necklace with diamonds ... and rubies.
Una cadena de oro con brillantes y rubís ...
Cleocat grass a necklace was never seen again.
Nunca se volvió a ver el collar de Cleogatra.
We have makeup, one a necklace and the.
La pillamos maquillaje, un collar y esto.
I wanted you for the beautiful one a necklace to thank.
Quería darte las gracias por este hermoso collar.
As if it were me a necklace important.
Oh, como si el collar importara ...
Um, he has this fat one a necklace with the dollar sign on it.
Tiene ese collar muy grande con un símbolo de dólar.
Removes theirs a necklace before you bury them.
Quítale el collar antes de enterrarla.
That may be true, but we can a necklace trace back.
Tal vez, pero podemos rastrear el collar.
This Unas is wearing a strange one a necklace made of bones.
Este Unas lleva un extraño collar de huesos.
We will the a necklace never find.
No creo que vayamos a Finderar el collar.
Where is the a necklace your mother?
¿Dónde está collar de su madre?
After a necklace, you joke.
Por el collar, dibujo animado.
So, this is ... some people call this a necklace.
Bueno, esto es ..., algunos lo llaman collar.
The a necklace includes a herb called verbena.
Ese collar contiene una hierba llamada verbena.
I have my a necklace forgot with you.
Me olvidé un collar en tu casa.
I will a necklace search and then write to you.
Voy a buscar do collar, y luego te enviaré and SMS.
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